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  • Welcome to the website of the Department of Philosophy at Bielefeld University. The Department of Philosophy understands itself as a lively place for committed philosophical research and intensive philosophical teaching.

Community - i.e. during difficult times

A university is usually a buzzing place where people meet everywhere, get into a conversation, and make contacts. Things are different at the moment. But we don't have to do without the community! Feel free to use the digital resources available to you to socialize and exchange ideas. You can research the student council via e-mail or our brand-new discord server (link in sidebar).


The Department's Study Guide

You can find the study guide of the department here.

Guest Lecture 2021

  • Jun, 2nd. 2021 Bettina Bussmann (Salzburg)
  • Jun, 16th. 2021 Michael Della Rocca (Yale)
  • Jul, 7th 2021 Maria Kronfeldner (CEU)

Please find additional details on the poster.

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All lectures will take place online via zoom (6-8 pm)

Students and members of the department will receive the login information via mail. Externals please contact: [email protected]

Upcoming events

05/25/2021 Film Screening of "In Silico"

"A fascinating window into the trouble grandiose research projects and grandiose personalities can generate." Nature

The philosophy department and the faculty of psychology will host a virtual film screening on May 25th, 2021 (18: 15-20: 45). The movie In silico is about neuroscientist Henry Markram and his 10-year quest to simulate the human brain on a supercomputer. Afterwards there's a panel discussion and Q&A with director Noah Hutton. For more information and registration click here.