How Wattsapp works in the background

New WhatsApp function changes the appearance of the messenger

By Andreas Filbig | December 16, 2020, 12:16 p.m.

WhatsApp focuses more on individuality. Shortly before Christmas, messenger users will have more background images available for this purpose. But that's not all

The new feature is mainly about changing the background (also called wallpaper) in the chats. This was only possible to a limited extent so far, but will soon be expanded. WhatsApp beta users can already try it out. Everyone else can get a foretaste here:

Advanced background settings for WhatsApp are desirable

When it comes to the look of WhatsApp, there is certainly still room for improvement. The messenger comes from the factory very clear and simple: no bright colors, no wild contrasts, so hardly any frills. In our opinion, this is how it should be in the basic setting.

Still, it would be nice if there were as many setting options as possible. Because if the standard WhatsApp is too boring for you, you will be very happy about plenty of creative possibilities. So far, only the background image of the chats could be changed and that only for all chat windows at once. The well-informed Wabetainfo page has revealed the new features. WhatsApp has now confirmed the integration into the app

Create a variety of WhatsApp backgrounds

The new function offers a wide range of customization options for the appearance of the chats:

1. Different background images for individual chats

A long overdue function is the ability to set a separate wallpaper for each chat window or each contact. This is now possible after the beta update and brings many possibilities for personalization. This also makes sense, because why should the partner's chat window look exactly like that of the boss?

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2. Change the opacity of the wallpaper

Furthermore, users of the Android beta can now change the opacity of the background images. As a result, the chat windows appear either a little dimmed or brighter.

3. 61 new wallpapers available

In addition to the familiar background images, which are now in the “Wallpaper Archive” menu item, there are 61 new, ready-made images. These differ once again in 32 light wallpapers and 29 dark background images. You can of course also import your own backgrounds.

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