What should you never buy used

Ingeniously cheap: 6 things that you should always buy used

Sometimes the motto is very clear: if you buy cheap, you buy often. It is therefore often worthwhile to buy used products instead of cheap products. This not only relieves your wallet, but also does something really good for our environment - keyword: less packaging waste.

In our throwaway society, however, it is sometimes not that easy to estimate what it is better not to save on. So that you know exactly what to look out for at the next flea market in the future, we have 6 things for you that you should definitely buy used!

1. Jewelry

The bad news is: if you want to sell your precious jewelry, you won't get a lot of money for it. The decline in value of jewelry seems to be even greater than that of a car. The good news is: If you want to buy valuable jewelry, you can save a lot of money by buying used jewelry.

A gold ring set with gemstones can now cost you a four-digit amount - used, on the other hand, you can end up in the low three-digit! And no one will tell whether the design is two or 20 years old now. On the contrary: vintage rings often have even more charm.

2. Cutting board

Wooden chopping boards have somehow got a bad reputation for throwing bacteria over the years. That is actually not the case. It is true that wood has a more porous structure than plastic and thus makes it easier for bacteria to adhere, but many types of wood have an antibacterial effect.

The bacteria adhere to the wood, but die after a short time - unlike plastic. There they cavort and infect everything that you then cut on this board. Not to mention the smallest plastic particles that you cut into your food every time.

However, a solid wooden cutting board also has a decent new price - but if you buy second-hand goods, you get a good product for your money that will last for many years and is hygienic on top of that.

For your conscience, however, you should properly disinfect it once after buying it. To do this, first soak the board in vinegar for a few minutes, wash it off with warm water, dry it and then rub it with sea salt and lemon halves. Squeeze out a lot of lemon juice. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can then sand and polish it with sandpaper.

Disgust alarm: You should dispose of these things regularly:

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3. Children's things

Children grow out of their clothes very quickly and they manage to stain their things in seconds, so it makes little sense to buy them new clothes all the time. However, you can get great deals on second-hand clothing for children.

After all, other people's children grow out of their things just as quickly. So the probability is relatively high that you can still get hold of (almost) unworn items at a good price.

4. Books

Those who love the scent of new books will of course not be happy with a used copy. However, there are also people who love the scent of old books (or is it just me?) - or who have no scent preferences when it comes to books. Then you should always buy used books.

Especially classics of world literature are often offered like junk on the roadside for one euro, books are so valuable and on top of that the perfect gift!

5. Tackers, punches, etc.

In the past, most objects were produced in such a way that they would last as long as possible. Nowadays, a lot of cheaply produced plastic goods come from Asia, which means that you often have to buy more goods. So if you see a vintage metal stapler anywhere, grab it. Not only do they look more stylish than the plastic staple guns sold today, they also last decades longer.

6. Sieves

It probably doesn't make a big difference in handling whether you use a plastic or metal screen, but shouldn't we all try to reduce our plastic consumption? In addition, such a metal sieve can stay in the family for generations, it is very cheap when used and no germs adhere to the metal. It also just looks fancier. You can even use it for decoration in the kitchen.

You should ALWAYS buy these 6 things used:

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