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The professional profile of the lawyer is regulated by law in the Lawyers' Act (RAO). In § 8 RAO (1) it says:

“The right of representation of a lawyer extends to all courts and authorities of the Republic of Austria and includes the authority to professionally represent parties in all judicial and extrajudicial, in all public
and private affairs. "

Like no other profession, lawyers are exclusively committed to the interests of their clients.

The individual lawyer either acts in an advisory capacity, for example in the drafting of contracts, wills, living wills or as a representative of his client before courts, authorities, individuals and other institutions.

His particularly qualified training guarantees a high level of specialist knowledge and professional experience and thus serves to protect citizens seeking law.

Our law firm is no exception. We take care of all the usual legal duties that may arise in the event of a dispute. In addition, we are also your contact when it comes to drawing up, amending or annulling your will or your living will.

Our lawyers specialize in civil law, tenancy law, criminal law, banking law, inheritance law, travel law, contract law, consumer protection, marriage law and family law. The initial consultation can be settled with your legal protection insurance (up to half an hour) if there is legal protection.