What is a dog's ideal life

Advantages of having a dog

1. Stronger immune system

Dog owners usually have a stronger immune system, which means that they stay healthy longer and, in the event of an illness or infection, get better again more quickly. In fact, people who have a dog are less likely to see a doctor than people without a dog.

2. Less health problems

Studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than people who don't own a dog. As a result, dog owners are less prone to milder or more serious health problems.

3. Less absenteeism by children from school

Children who have a dog in the family are also less ill and are therefore less likely to be absent from school.

4. Better healing of children

Chronically ill children often cope better with the associated treatments when they have a family dog ​​by their side.

5. Mental wellbeing

Dogs can put their masters in a kind of emotional well-being through their unconditional love. Therefore, dogs are also the ideal companions for people who live alone.

6. Good mood makers

Dog owners can often recover faster from an emotional trauma like losing a loved one than people who don't have a dog. Dogs sense when their humans are doing badly and are very good at being there for them and comforting them - in their own way.

7. Support with mental health problems

Even people with mental health problems can sometimes get better and recover faster if they have a dog by their side. Therefore, dogs are the perfect pets for people suffering from depression.

8. Better fitness

Regular walks with a dog have been shown to increase fitness and contribute to the health of both dog and owner.

9. Make contacts

On walks you meet a lot of other people with their dogs. This way, friendships can easily be formed - between dogs, between people, and also between dog and person.

10. Escape from everyday life

Taking your dog for a walk is the ideal way to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your loyal friend.

In addition to all of these important advantages, a dog also means a lot of fun. He'll make you laugh, he's there for you after a busy day, and when you need it most, he's always by your side to help you rebuild! That's why dogs are the ideal pets!