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Wedding: Help, what do I write in the guest book?

Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows the problem. At some point the guest book is passed around and you only have a few minutes to leave the couple a good wish or a lovely saying. The next guest is already waiting, possibly even asking his predecessor when he is ready. You just don't want to write “Alles Liebe” in it and don't write anything in it is also not an alternative.

Many a guest tries to let a drawing speak for itself. However, unless you put down more than stick figures on paper, this is not a suitable option either. In general, the couple is always happy to receive a warm thank you. So that your guestbook entry does not go under, we reveal the most beautiful sayings, quotes and wishes for your guestbook entry.


Guest book with given questions

In some guest books it is made easier for friends and relatives by asking questions such as “What is your best memory of the couple?” Or “What was the best moment of the wedding?”. In this case, all you have to do is write down what you have experienced. You can also use these questions to formulate your entry - even if there are no questions in the book.

Personal memories always go down well

If you know the bride or groom very well and are close friends or even related, you can use your memories. In this case, honest and personal sentences are never out of place. There are a few things you can think about before the wedding.

What was the best moment in your friendship? What ups and downs did you experience together? How did the bride / groom talk and rave about their current spouse at the beginning of the relationship? Funny anecdotes and memorable moments are particularly useful. Make sure, however, that it doesn't get too spicy - after all, the other guests often read the other authors' entries.

Also, remember to be brief. As a rule, all guests want to immortalize themselves, which is why you shouldn't need too much time (and pages).


Romantic quotes for the guest book entry

If you are not close friends with the couple, or if you generally struggle with words, you can also use what other people have said in contemporary history. A romantic quote is also good at the end of a personal anecdote. After all, romance is quite desirable at a wedding.

"Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy."

Hermann Hesse


"Age does not protect against love, but love against aging."

Coco Chanel


"Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and getting rich yourself in the process."

Clemens Brentanto


"Every loved one is the center of a paradise."



“Love is our true destiny. We don't find the meaning of life alone, but in pairs. "

Thomas Morten


"Real love stories never end."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


"Love is not about looking at each other, but about looking together in the same direction."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


"A single person can be a whole paradise."



"Without marriage, people are at home everywhere and nowhere."



"The great happiness of love is to find rest in another heart."

Julie de Lespinasse


"There is a very simple standard for a good marriage: you are happily married if you prefer to come home rather than continue."

Luise Ullrich


Poems, songs and films as inspiration for the text in the guest book

Poems are also popular for dedication in the guest book. Some guests trust themselves and create their own little rhyme for the wedding couple. However, if that is not for you, you can use classical poems by personalities such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or William Shakespeare. Do you like it more modern? Then let yourself be inspired by movie quotes about love or by lyrics - after all, love songs are also a kind of poem.

"Do you doubt that the stars are glowing,

may you doubt that the sun is moving

may you think the truth is a lie

but never doubt love. "

William Shakespeare


"If I think of you, I am not afraid:

You fit together - for life!

Always take the same step

then happiness and love go with you!

May happiness and blessings all times

accompany you through a long life! "

Friedrich Morgenroth


"You are now one, you two,

and we are one with you.

Drink on the joy permanently

A glass of good wine!

And stays at all times

facing each other.

Become through quarrel and discord

never destroyed your covenant. "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“Good luck and God bless

on all of your life paths.

and that the dice fall favorable for you,

this wish comes from all of us. "



“Two people who find each other

And bind together

when they swear allegiance

belong entirely to the other,

then it's wonderful

and love utterly. "



"Love shouldn't,

Love doesn't fight

Love won't

Love is.

Love does not seek

Love doesn't ask

Love is the way you are. "

Song "Love is" by Nena


"Like a river flows so surely to the sea.

So it goes.

Some things are meant to be. "

Song "Can't help falling in love" by Elvis Presley


"With a love like that,

You know you should be glad. "

Song "She Loves You" by The Beatles


"And what happens when the prince climbs the tower and saves the princess?"

- "Then she saves his life."

Movie: Pretty Woman


"History only shapes a moment, love, on the other hand, a whole life."

Film: Like a single day


“One alone wanders around aimlessly.

Two together usually have a goal. "

Movie: Vertigo


"It doesn't matter if he's perfect or if she's perfect, as long as they're perfect for each other."

Film: Good Will Hunting


Funny wedding sayings for humorous bridal couples

Do the wedding couple share your kind of humor? In this case, you can also think of a cheeky guest book entry. A brisk saying is sure to make the bride and groom smile.


Danger: For this type of entry, you should know the couple a little better, or at least be able to laugh at the same things. Otherwise, this type of congratulation could also be misunderstood.

"Marriage is the attempt to cope with problems as a couple that one would never have had alone."

Woddy Allen


"Love is the light of life - the electricity bill comes in marriage."



"You can do anything you want with a woman in love."

Gustav Klimt


"If a man decides to marry, then that is definitely the last decision that he could make himself."



"You shouldn't marry someone who hasn't been tested in a traffic jam beforehand."

M. Williams


“If you keep your mouth shut when you realize you are wrong, you are wise. If you shut up when you are right, you are married. "

George Bernard Shaw


"A man is only properly married when he understands every word his wife has not said."

Alfred Hitchcock


"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bike."

Gloria Steinem

Tip: Avoid empty phrases

As difficult as it may be for you to write, do not use hackneyed phrases such as “Thank you for the wonderful evening” or “Thank you for the nice party”. Adjectives like “beautiful” and “nice” are used far too often and do not express the uniqueness of a wedding. Use words like “excellent”, “fabulous”, “happy”, “wonderful”.

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Fortunately, you know months in advance that you are invited to a wedding. Just as you choose a gift for the couple, you should also think about the guest book entry for a moment. If you decide on a quote or an unusual saying, write it down beforehand. Once the book is in front of you, you can copy it down. You can also quickly search for a saying on the Internet with your smartphone. However, it looks like you haven't given any thought.

No matter what kind of congratulations you choose, the gesture counts. Give your entry a personal touch. The bride and groom will be happy about this long after the celebration.

More inspiration on the subject of weddings

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