What should a professional email signature contain

All's well that ends well! The perfect email signature

It can be found under every business e-mail: the e-mail signature. However, this should not only be free of spelling errors, but also professionally formulated and attractively designed. So what such an e-mail signature should look like and why it can do a lot more than just transmit contact data, we would like to reveal to you below.

What actually is an email signature?

Anyone who has previously only used e-mails privately may not know what to do with the term e-mail signature. When e-mails became more and more important in business at the end of the 1990s, more and more companies began to use their contact details and sometimes also legal information under the greeting. On the one hand, this had practical reasons, namely the Easier contact with potential customers or business partners with the respective email sender. On the other hand, the legal information in the e-mail signature serves the recipient as a verification of the seriousness, i.e. the better differentiation from pure spam mail. The e-mail signature is now even legally anchored in Germany. In addition, it has been shown over the years that it can be used efficiently for (self) marketing or advertising purposes.

Which mandatory information apply to the email signature?

As already mentioned, the e-mail signature in commercial correspondence is now even a legally required requirement. Accordingly, every business email in the relevant industries must contain the following information:

  • Company name and name
  • Legal form (as entered in the commercial register)
  • Place of establishment
  • Registration number in the commercial register
  • Responsible and liability

The details of the e-mail signature are therefore similar to the mandatory details on an invoice. In addition, most companies also add their telephone and fax numbers, a link to the homepage and social media channels or a photo or logo. Even the placement of advertising banners or messages as well as a call-to-action is becoming more and more common.

How exactly you design such an e-mail signature is ultimately your completely free decision, apart from the mandatory statutory information.

It is definitely worthwhile to deal with this topic, because with a professional e-mail signature you can achieve a great effect in the areas of advertising and (self-) marketing with the recipients. As an applicant, you will also score points with the HR staff when you receive your electronic application documents with a professional signature. But what does a professional email signature look like? And what are the most important dos and don'ts?

Dos: This is what the perfect email signature looks like

So that your email signature not only contains the mandatory legal information, but also looks appealing and fulfills your marketing purposes, it should short and sweet be, nevertheless but appealing and professional. The first thing under the greeting is of course Your name. You can then add your department or other relevant information if you wish. Following Information about the company, a logo or a picture - as you wish. Only last should you insert the rather unattractive mandatory legal information. So make sure that the reader's eyes are directed in such a way that they fall on the really relevant information or a call-to-action and the reader is not struck by cryptic commercial register numbers or even has to scroll down. The most important dos in the email signature are therefore:

  • Concentrate on the essentials, but use the possibilities of the e-mail signature.
  • So work with us, for example Colors, bold text or even pictures for optical breaks in the text.
  • Name them most important information first.
  • Use increased Spaces instead of line breaksto keep the signature compact.
  • Be sure to the reader Your name and / or company name catch the eye and so be better remembered.
  • An attached In this sense, the company logo increases the recognition value Of your company.
  • Design yours "Responsive" email signature, also optimized for smartphones and tablets.
  • If appropriate, make yourself too Links to your social media channels or the corresponding HTML buttons in the signature very well.
  • Use for pasted Images and logos in JPEG or GIF format.
    Feel free to place a call-to-action.
  • Also advertising, for example in the sense of a professionally designed banners, are definitely possible and common in the signature.
  • Remember that straight Graphics are not displayed correctly in every mail program and then the picture name or alt text of your picture may be visible to the recipient - so choose this sensibly, for example as a company name or call-to-action such as "Contact us now".

So please not! Don'ts with the email signature

With an email signature, you can get a lot of things right and more wrong. We have therefore compiled those errors for you that you should absolutely avoid:

  • A too long email signature, at which the reader has to scroll down extra.
  • Too many colors or picturesso that the eyes of the e-mail recipient are no longer guided in a targeted manner, but are completely overstimulated.
  • Typing and spelling errors leave a very bad, unprofessional impression.
  • avoid unabridged linkswhich, moreover, cannot be clicked directly, but must first be copied in a laborious manner.
  • Incorrect formattingOne of the most common mistakes in email signatures is one of the most common mistakes in email signatures, resulting in a cryptic clutter instead of a uniform appearance.
  • Absolutely avoid Lists or bullet points!
  • Attention at Advertising messages in the signature, as this can quickly appear intrusive or dubious.

Example of a professional email signature

John Doe
"Here is your motto, a logo, picture or a message for the recipient"

Max Mustermann GmbH
Model street 123
D-12345 model town

Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
Phone: 01234/56789
Mobile: 0123/456789
Homepage: www.maxmustermann.de
Facebook: Max Mustermann

Register number: HRB 1234
Register court: District Court of Musterstadt
VAT ID no. DE1234567
Responsible managing director: Max Mustermann

"Here is your advertising message or an advertising banner"

If you follow these do's and don'ts with your email signature from now on, nothing can really go wrong. You have now the perfect ending for a consistently perfect email and you will soon notice that you will receive more positive feedback. Just let yourself be inspired by the email signatures of your business partners, customers or other contacts: What appeals to you personally and what doesn't? What do you notice positively or negatively? What can you learn from this for designing your own email signature? We look forward to your tips, experiences and advice on the subject in the comments.

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