Why is animation expensive


Computer animations are not sold by the meter, but mostly complex custom-made products. That's why you can't really give a general answer to the question of what a minute of animation costs. A drive around a building costs as much as modeling the building.

But you can still give thumbs up if the animations are 5 minutes and longer:
The animation minute with motionDesign costs between 2,000 and 3,000 euros net.

Unfortunately, there are now considerable fluctuations between the minute prices of the individual films, but: The longer a film is, the better this rule of thumb is true.

Short films are usually Usually more expensive per minute than long films, because the animation price is made up of the following points:

  • Draft (storyboard)
  • soundtrack
  • Modeling (feeding computers with data)
  • Animation (programming movement)
  • Calculate (render) film
  • Postprocessing the film

The biggest job is often the modeling, at least with short films. This item increases the price per minute of a short animation. In the case of "animations" that only consist of a tracking shot, all other items can even be neglected (see above, driving around a building).


Computer animation is expensive. Sometimes true - almost always with short sequences. In the case of longer visualizations, as are common in the scientific field, this can no longer be said in general terms. In this segment, animation is often the best and, at the same time, cheapest way of producing a film.