At what age did you start to work?

Translation of "did you start" in english

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did you start


When Have you startedto hang out with Tyler Lockwood?
When did you start hanging out with Tyler Rockwell? I do not know.
Why Have you startedTo learn french?
In which age Have you startedto sing in a band?
He managed to put everything I like into his music, at what age Have you startedto sing in a band? I haven't been singing in bands that long.
He has managed to fit everything that I like into his music. In which age you've started to sing in a band? I have not been singing in bands for so long.
When Have you startedTo learn English?
When Have you started working on "Here"? You know, it's strange how it goes sometimes.
When did you begin work on the new album? You know, it's strange how it goes.
When Have you startedTo keep a diary?
When Have you started to smoke?
When Have you startedto cater again?
Zombification only goes out after the, How Have you started "then right".
Zombification will cease only after the, How did you start "then correctly".
Elfriede Müller: When Have you started to write and why?
Elfriede Müller: When did you start to write and for what reason?
When Have you started not to mention?
When Have you startedto chase me?
When Have you started, to work with you?
When Have you started to sleep with Nate?
When then Have you started to live here?
When Have you startedhow to wear that?
Really, Have you startedTo read minds?
And when Have you started - to hunt deer?
When Have you startedto work for?
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