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You may think that LYNX Simulations has nothing for you ... but we're here to show you something else

LYNX Simulations is a company specializing in numerical simulation and software development for engineering. LYNX Simulations provides consulting services for companies in the field of industry and engineering in general. We offer technological solutions adapted to the needs of our customers through the use of the most modern numerical simulation tools, especially in Computational Fluid Mechanics CFD, with a highly qualified technical team and high-performance technical equipment.

Our areas of application include the following areas of engineering:

  • Aerodynamic analysis
  • Water treatment
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • cooling
  • Turbo machines
  • Engines
  • Chemical and process engineering
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy processes
  • Heat transfer
  • Spread of pollutants in the atmosphere
  • mechanical engineering

Numeric simulations

Numerical simulation represents a great revolution in engineering. This high-performance simulation tool enables the acceleration and optimization of design processes and the associated cost savings. However, there are still many companies that have not yet adopted CFD simulation due to a lack of knowledge of the potential of this technological innovation. The rapid development of the possibilities of numerical simulation makes it difficult for companies to use and fully exploit their possibilities.

As a specialized company, Lynx Simulations offers its customers the opportunity to use numerical simulation for technical problems. The possibilities are endless. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our CFD experts with the most advanced hardware and software suitable for your needs.

Software development

Screenshot of the Lynx CFD-UV software developed by Lynx Simulations

The Lynx Simulations staff consists of highly qualified scientific staff with extensive experience in numerical simulation and applied programming technology in mechanical engineering.


LYNX Simulations has its own HPC (High Performance Computing) system in order to be able to carry out numerical simulations very quickly, even if large grids or models with a large number of equations are necessary.


You can download simulation programs from Lynx Simulations free of charge.

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