How did Trump disappoint you

Donald Trump

In 2016, Donald Trump ran for the Republican Party for president. In doing so, he narrowly prevailed against Hillary Clinton, who ran for the Democrats. Before he took office, Trump had never worked as a politician. He is actually a businessman and, for example, he has become a billionaire with the construction of high-rise buildings and luxury hotels. He also had his own television show in the US which made him very famous.
On November 3, 2020, Trump ran again for election. This time he lost to his challenger Joe Biden and had to give up his post in 2021.

Lots of fans, lots of opponents

Donald Trump is an unusual politician and, as president, ruled in a different way than his predecessors. He often uses the social network “Twitter” several times a day to send political messages, but also to say things that other people find offensive. At the beginning of his term in office he spoke very badly about people from Mexico and repeatedly made derogatory comments about political opponents, but also about people with disabilities, Muslims and women.

In his first election campaign in 2016, he promised the people in the USA that he would make America “great” again and create many jobs. Many people who were unemployed or low-paid believed in Trump because they felt disappointed in the politicians who were in power before Trump. They hoped that as a businessman he would do many things very differently than his predecessors. This hope continues to exist in large parts of Trump's supporters.

But Donald Trump also has a lot of opponents. They believe his politics has caused many problems in the US and will do so if he is re-elected. That is why there have already been many large demonstrations against him, in which mainly women take part. In 2019, impeachment proceedings were initiated against Donald Trump in which the Democratic Party accused him of abusing his political power and of being unsuitable as president. Such a trial has only occurred three times in US history. Donald Trump was acquitted in February 2020. This was decided by a Senate made up of a majority of Republican party colleagues from Trump.

Excitement over Trump's politics

In the first few weeks of his term in office, President Trump caused a stir with his political decisions. Trump announced, for example, that a huge wall to neighboring Mexico would be built - paid for by Mexico - to prevent illegal entry by Mexican citizens.

Another early decision by the president also caused a stir: Citizens from some countries, in which mainly Muslims live, should temporarily no longer be allowed to enter the USA. Trump's reasoning: He wants to prevent terrorists from coming to the USA. However, this decision was overturned by American courts.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has wanted to abolish Obamacare, a program introduced by previous President Barack Obama to make it easier for people to pay their doctor. Another topic for Trump: Climate change, which he has often claimed would not exist and in 2019 caused the US to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. With this agreement, more should be done for climate protection worldwide in order to limit the global rise in temperature.

Trump acted very hesitantly in the corona crisis. At the beginning, he said the virus only leads to mild flu and would go away on its own anyway. Although he was strongly advised by experts, he initially hardly wanted to take any action against the virus in order not to get the American economy into trouble. The result: Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the USA in connection with Covid-19, the USA will be one of the countries most severely affected by the coronavirus until autumn 2020. In the 2020 election campaign, many people accused Trump of having failed in this crisis. A month before the elections, he contracted the virus himself and had to cancel many election campaign events.

True or false?

In the 2016 election campaign, President Trump claimed that his predecessor Barack Obama had his phone tapped. There was never any evidence to support this allegation. Both in his election campaigns and in his first term as President, Donald Trump has very often said things that are not true. Journalists at a major American newspaper found that Trump had said wrong or misleading things over 20,000 times by the end of his first term in office.

For example, after the 2016 election, he claimed that none of the last presidents got as many votes in the election as he did. But that's not true at all! With a view to the corona crisis, it became known that Trump knew about the danger of the virus very early on, but still assured his population for a long time that a disease with Covid-19 was just as harmless as the flu.