Is print-on-demand good business

Print on Demand products: This is how you identify lucrative articles for your shop

Criteria for print on demand products

Even if hundreds of print on demand products from different providers exist on the market and can be sold in your online shop in a purely technical manner, not all items are available for sale. It is therefore important to recognize what makes a good print on demand product. When researching a print on demand article, you can easily assess whether it is a lucrative article with potential or not. Your product should first have the following basic characteristics:

  • high demand for the product
  • exclusive offer in your online shop
  • high product quality of the print on demand article

On this basis, certain criteria arise that suitable Print on Demand products can meet. It is crucial that a product does not necessarily have to cover all criteria. But if your print on demand business is to be profitable, at least three of these five criteria for print on demand articles make sense.

1st criterion: quick products

Regardless of which print on demand products you offer, the focus is often on quality and added value for the customer. One of the most underestimated added values ​​is the topic of time savings. Because your customers should recognize that buying in the online shop will save them a lot of time and effort. It is therefore important to explain the processes simply and to select products that can be ordered quickly. Ideally, it should only take a few minutes from the selection of the product to the shopping cart for your customer to recognize this added value. This is why print on demand items that require special materials and thus extend the delivery time to several weeks are impractical.

2nd criterion: low costs

Of course there are numerous copy shops in your neighborhood that can also print products. But these often demand higher prices, mainly because the white label products are much more expensive. This means that the prices of the T-shirts or mugs without printing are far higher than the print on demand products. It is therefore crucial that you choose products that appear cheap to your customer at first glance. The same applies to your own expenses. Because a T-shirt can be printed as a print on demand item, for example, more cheaply than a sports backpack or a handbag.

3rd criterion: trigger emotions

Emotions not only appeal to the customer, but also provide an instinctive impulse to buy. Therefore, your print on demand products should trigger different emotions in order to increase the willingness of your customers to buy. This can be, for example, a funny saying or a piece of wisdom on a T-shirt. But pet products are also well suited for implementation. Because the bond between people and their pets is particularly strong. From printed socks to cell phone cases to toys for your beloved pet, there are numerous offers to arouse emotions with a print on demand article.

4th criterion: simplicity

Since the Print on Demand products cannot be touched or tested in the online shop, they must be particularly easy to explain. A photo should be enough to explain the item and the printing options. If numerous questions about printing and handling arise when making a selection in the online shop, the product is not suitable as a print on demand item. In addition, your articles should also be easy to send. That is why it is not advisable to start with, for example, to print a huge beanbag, but rather to use compact print on demand products.

5th criterion: lucrative target group

If you want to sell as many print on demand products as possible, you should think about the potential target group. How do you use the product? What is particularly important to the target group? Answering these questions is crucial, as this is the only way you can understand whether the favored product really solves the customer's problems and offers added value. In addition, the target group must be able to pay for the product. Because if you only want to earn a few hundred euros on the side, it is enough to place yourself in a small niche. However, if you want to generate high income with your online business, the target group and the corresponding market for print on demand articles should be large enough accordingly.

Examples of lucrative print on demand products

After the decisive criteria for print on demand products have been determined, the concrete planning for your online shop begins. You can be inspired by the following examples of lucrative print on demand items in your online shop:

Example 1: clothing

Even if there are already many online shops for print on demand clothing, it is worth getting started in this area. Because T-shirts in particular are still very popular print on demand products. At the same time, they can be designed or sent quickly and easily. However, you shouldn't use standard slogans such as "Don't worry be happy" when designing, but instead consider more creative designs. Modified quotes from the media, for example, but also ironic wisdom are suitable for this. These then in turn trigger the desired emotions. However, it is important that you own the rights to the motif offered and that it is best to have a sample copy sent to you beforehand in order to check the print quality of the Print on Demand article.

Example 2: pet accessories

Europeans love their pets and are therefore willing to spend a lot of money on their pets. Therefore, you can also add pet accessories to your list of Print on Demand products. Collars or food bowls are particularly suitable as print-on-demand items that can be printed with lettering or photos. However, it is crucial that the products are robust and water-repellent. Because the print should not peel off even after washing it several times or walking outdoors.

Example 3: Special gift ideas

Of course, clothing and pet accessories can also be given away, but there are print on demand products that work particularly well as gifts. There are now even complete online shops just for print on demand gifts that trigger special emotions and cannot be found in the printed form in everyday life. This includes, for example, photo coffee cans, personalized beer mugs, but also photo wall clocks as print on demand items. The advantage is that customers generally spend higher sums on gifts and only a few shops in the neighborhood would accept such a print job. Thus, a special gift can be created with minimal effort.

Research tips for print on demand products

If you are looking for suitable print on demand products, it is worthwhile first of all to look through the articles offered by print on demand providers. Because often, depending on the provider, not all products are available that you would like to print. You should also know the current sales figures for the various product categories that the vendors publish. In recent years, for example, it has become clear how lucrative T-shirts and clothing in general really are as print-on-demand items. In addition, it is also possible to take a look at current trends and analyze search queries via Google. Because if a term is googled often, the chances of high demand and thus the sales opportunities are not bad.

The next step: find a print on demand provider

After you have definitely decided on Print on Demand and suitable Print on Demand products, the next step is to search for a suitable Print on Demand provider. The following factors can help you choose:

  • What costs can you accept from a print on demand provider?
  • How big should the product selection be?
  • How good is the quality of possible sample articles or test articles for print on demand products?
  • What taxes and additional expenses are there?

That is why it is worthwhile to have a detailed financial plan that takes into account all expenses and tax levies for Print on Demand providers for Print on Demand products.


The success of your print on demand online shop is defined by the selection of your products. It is therefore worth investing a lot of time in this decision in order to ultimately find the most lucrative print on demand products for you. It makes sense to always draw up a financial plan. Because just because the products sound lucrative and are in high demand, that doesn't say much about your profit. So let yourself be inspired by the offers and the experience reports of other online shops in order to ultimately build a long-term lucrative online business.