What if Sailor Moon were real


1. The original plan was to transfer Sailor V into an anime. From this they made Sailor Moon, which is why there are parallels and similarities between Minako and Bunny. The brisk anime business is parodied in the series in a row. Bunny and her friends watch the SailorV anime on TV.

2. The melody of the school bell may come to mind. known before. It originally comes from the clock tower of the Hous of Parliament in London. This tune was so popular with the Japanese that they adopted it.

3. The Hikawa Shrine in Tokyo is real. The temple in the anime was modeled on the original and is therefore easy to recognize. It was built by Tokugawa Yoshimune in 1730 and is still in use today in the Akasaka district of the Minato district.

4. It may sound strange to Europeans that in Japan series are mostly not created according to seasons, but as independent series. When anime series then appear in this country, they are usually grouped under one name and the season principle is applied to the individual series.

5. The end credits of the first season have an interesting story behind them that you can only find out about via detours. There were several versions of these credits.

i like sailor moon because it's on tv and somehow she's cute and i like the cat and sara i once drew a moon on her forehead. that looked nice.