Is Hulu irrelevant

Streaming Mega Bundle: Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN + for $ 12.99

Two weeks ago, there were voices that Netflix needed a small miracle against the overwhelming power of Disney in order to survive in the streaming market. Now Disney is reinforcing this position, as "The Verge" reports. In addition to Disney + for US $ 6.99 a month, a package will also be available in the US from November 12th. This should offer Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + for $ 12.99 a month. So exactly for the price that the standard subscription costs on Netflix.

What does the package offer?

The three-pack combines entertainment, family and sport. ESPN + is available individually for $ 4.99 and offers games from ice hockey (NHL), baseball (MLB), and soccer (MLS), among others. There is also grand slam tennis, boxing, the PGA golf tour, rugby, cricket and college sports. The martial arts UFC is also new.

Disney + will be available individually for $ 6.99 and can draw on the vast repertoire of the media empire. 21st Century Fox was only bought in March. In addition, the group also owns 60 percent of the popular US streaming service Hulu (currently 5.99 a month with advertisements). With Hulu +, users will therefore be able to access films and series from third-party providers.

What is the catch?

Disney + and the three pack will only be available in the US for now. It is still open whether and when one of these will be available in Austria. In addition, the legal situation is sometimes tricky. In the sports sector in particular, the licenses are usually clearly defined. It is therefore questionable whether the sports offer can also be offered in this form on the international market.

At the investor conference, Disney boss Bob Iger also revealed more details about Disney +. The streaming service is to be sold via Amazon, Apple and other providers. There are no deals yet, but he emphasizes that everyone is interested. "It's the most important product in my career," he says, setting the bar high. After all, he has been in office since 2005. (red, 7/8/2019)