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Editorial Dear Metal community, It was a busy anniversary year riddled with success (just think of the great chart entries of KREATOR, TESTAMENT, SABATON, GOTTHARD or ACCEPT). A big thank you therefore goes to you Metalheads, who enable us to do what we love and show us that we are doing something right - be it in the choice of our mailorder offer or the bands that we have been under for many years have our wings or with whom we are currently entering into new, exciting partnerships. Our 25th anniversary would not be possible without you and we raise our glasses! From page 72 onwards you will fi nd what is probably the boldest price campaign of all time with massively hard discounted titles that are otherwise only available at high prices! From page 6 you will also have the opportunity to take part in the largest and highest quality raffle in the history of BLAST! How about, for example, a KREATOR signature guitar from Mille Petrozza or an original Germany stage banner from SABATON? But now to the current events: With HATEBREED we have accepted the biggest hardcore band in the world into the Nuclear Blast family and we are pretty excited that Jamey Jasta and his band are serving us a real tank with “The Divinity Of Purpose” . The head of the band is available to answer questions in our big cover story from page 10 onwards. In the fourth part of the great nuclear blast history we finally arrived in the present - read on pages 4 - 5 what has happened to us in the years between 2008 and today. It continues with another celebration - the German Thrash icons DESTRUCTION adorn our “Radioactive Zone” in their 30th year as a band. We talked to Schmier about the new album, "Spiritual Genocide". At least as uncompromisingly on the face of our American Death Metal brutalos IMMOLATION, who have set a monument for themselves with »TBA«. On the power metal front, the mighty HAMMERFALL delight us with another document of their live skills. Once again top-class, as you can imagine, “Gates Of Dalhalla” is a very special recording - but read for yourself what Joacim and Oscar have to report. With HOLY GRAIL, a brand new addition is also holding the flag high in that division. The Californians impressed us so much with their new long groove "Ride The Void" that a contract had to be drawn up immediately.


The platinum metallers NIGHTWISH, on the other hand, are currently preparing the soundtrack for their »Imaginaerum« film, which premiered while this issue of BLAST! Was in print. The score is based on the songs of the successful album, but thanks to many new arrangements and reinterpretations it has its own mood. That mood is currently at an all-time high in the WINTERSUN fan and band camp. After all, Jari Mänenpää and Co. have finally delivered their long-awaited album »Time I« and prove with the unique blend of symphony, bombast and melodic death metal that the long wait was definitely worth it.



It didn't take that long for the Swedish classic rock whiz kid GRAVEYARD, who present their darkest and most serious album to date with »Lights Out«. You can read everything about this new milestone starting on page 44. Things are incredibly sillier with Peter Tägtgren and his industrial metallers PAIN - anyone who knows the party animal Peter knows what to expect on the new DVD "We Come In Peace" - except for high-quality, Sweaty concert recordings of the extra class, of course. But now have fun reading and browsing - this is YOUR issue! Your Dr. Blast


CONTENT TO READ THE HISTORY OF NUCLEAR BLAST PART IV.. . . 4 - 5 NEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8, 12 - 13 INTERVIEWS ADORNED BROOD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 ASSASSIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 BORNHOLM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT. . . . . . .56 DESTRUCTION. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 ICE RAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 GRAVEYARD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 - 45 HAMMERFALL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 HATEBREED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 - 11 HOLY GRAIL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 ILL NINO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 KREATOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 MACHINE HEAD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 MAJESTY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 MOB RULES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 NIGHTWISH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-39 ORDER OGAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 PAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 PARAGON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 SPIDERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 SUICIDAL ANGELS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 THE SWORD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 THERION. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 TIAMAT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 VANDERBUYST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 WINTERSUN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 - 41 YEAR OF THE GOAT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 RUBRIKEN / COLUMNS REVIEWS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 - 64 DRAW / LOTTERY. . . . . . . . . . 6-7, 126-127

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Pole positions in the album charts around the world, gold and even platinum awards for the publications of gifted artists, airplay on the radio and band appearances on television. The story of NUCLEAR BLAST is an unparalleled success story, because it portrays the path of a man who - at first single-handedly, later with a steadily growing team at his side - managed to once supposedly find a niche thanks to pure passion and his love for music to make damn music style accessible to a broader public over the course of a busy 25 years. Heavy metal might still have had the reputation of being a "noise for long-haired robe wearers" in 1987, but in 2012 the heavy metal genre is enjoying greater popularity than ever across all sections of the population. Markus Staiger's contribution to this development is reflected today in the rank of his life's work - for it is not for nothing that NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS can proudly call itself the “largest independent heavy metal label in the world”!

RADIO-ACTIVE As a prime example of genuine metal superstars, the Finns from NIGHTWISH have always been able to take part in the field. After four-times platinum (!) In his home country for the 2004 album "Once", the quintet around mastermind Tuomas Holopainen was awarded the ECHO - one of the most important German music awards - in the category "Artist / Group of the Year Rock / Alternative international ”nominated to finally prevail against the FOO FIGHTERS, KAISER CHIEFS, WITHIN TEMPTATION and MARILYN MANSON and to receive the well-deserved award. As the icing on the cake, the band was able to enjoy a performance at the ECHO show


THE YEARS 2008 - 2012 presented to an audience of millions in front of the TV - the perfect prelude to the subsequent almost completely sold out »Dark Passion Play« European tour! It was also thanks to this amazing tour that NIGHTWISH were at times represented in the German Media Control Charts with three releases: with the album "Dark Passion Play" and the two singles "Bye Bye Beautiful" and "The Islander" . In March 2008, NUCLEAR BLAST presented itself for the first time with a stand at the internationally renowned Frankfurt Music Fair, making it the first record company to be represented in the history of the fair. For the European Football Championship 2008 in Switzerland, the hard rockers from GOTTHARD donated their home country the of fi cial fan song in the form of a new version of their hit "Lift U Up", while the Hessian power metal heroes from EDGUY as part of the release of their new work "Tinnitus Sanctus" conquered the German radio landscape through autograph sessions and interviews with major broadcasters of the size Hr3, Radio Gong or Die Neue 107.7.

GLOWING HOT SWEDEN STEEL RAGE, too, did not spoil its media presence and presented their new song "Gib dich nie auf" on "TV Total", with which they played in February 2009 at the "Bundesvision Song Contest" initiated by Stefan Raab. competed for their home state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The label veterans of HAMMERFALL set new standards of success with their album "No Sacri fi ce, No Victory" by being ennobled with gold just three weeks after it was released in Sweden. On the subsequent European tour, they accompanied the Swedish compatriots of two combos who were not too distant

Should also join the NUCLEAR-BLAST family in the future: SABATON and BULLET. The summer of 2009 was all about extreme sounds: The US Deathgrind forefathers SUFFOCATION slammed their long-slewing »Blood Oath« in front of the fan base, whereupon the Polish double BEHEMOTHVADER officially added »Evangelion« and »Necropolis«, respectively. before the Salzburg death demons BELPHEGOR topped it all off in the form of "Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn". "All Shall Fall" - the long-awaited return of the Norwegian black metal veteran IMMORTAL - finally brought the gloomy release marathon to a more than worthy conclusion, so that more gentle rocking bands take precedence in the fall. The new GOTTHARD album "Need To Believe", longed for in fan circles, promptly strengthened the belief that chart success and mainstream respect do not have to be reserved for commercially ingratiating pop formations by making it into the top 10 of the German album charts cracked and with the single `Unconditional Faith´ led a song in the tracklist, which turned out to be a long-running radio hit in many places. The symphonic metallers EPICA, who charted at number 8 in the Netherlands with “Design Your Universe”, and the Finns from SONATA ARCTICA, who with “The Days Of Grays” in their home country just barely achieved the Missed the top position and secured a phenomenal 2nd place! Before the end of the year, the nuclear squad was expanded to include a whole range of other top combo and aspiring young artists, including the US thrash purists OVERKILL, their prog compatriots from SYMPHONY X, the Italian film score metallers RHAPSODY OF FIRE, as well as the Sweden from UNLEASHED and SABATON counted.

Telephone: +49 (0) 7162 928026 Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm or / or Fax +49 (0) 7162 2 4556

STICK OUT OF THE BAG! “Thrashers of all countries, unite” could have been Markus Staiger's exclamation at the beginning of 2010, which international Thrash Metal celebrities willingly followed over the course of the year. Whether OVERKILL's label debut "Ironbound", which has been voted "Album of the Month", EXODUS 'live DVD "Shovel Headed Tour Machine" - followed later by the new long-lathe machine "Exhibit B: The Human Condition", which was also in the soundchecks of the renowned Music magazines achieved top results - or DEATH ANGEL's »Relentless Retribution« - the NUCLEAR BLAST Knüppler faction thrilled all along the line! AVANTASIA, the all-star metal opera under the direction of EDGUY front man Tobias Sammet, which had such illustrious guests as Jon Oliva, Bob Catley, Klaus Meine and Michael Kiske, lifted not just one, but two each at the beginning of April around 60-minute hammer discs ("Angel Of Babylon" and "The Wicked Symphony") in record stores, which deservedly hit the charts across Europe - for example, "The Wicked Symphony" hit # 1 in the Swedish rock charts, # 2 in Germany, # 6 in the Czech Republic, # 7 in Switzerland, Slovenia and the pan-European Billboard Top 100, as well as # 9 Austria and # 18 in Finland. The Krefeld quartet BLIND GUARDIAN sailed on a similar successful course, climbing # 2 in the German album charts with "At The Edge Of Time", as well as # 1 in the US Billboard Heatseeker charts and top 30 placements in more than half a dozen other countries could. The comeback of the year - if not of the decade - was put on the boards by the Teutonic metallers ACCEPT: With new front man Mark Tornillo, the German veteran delivered the ultimate liberation under the title "Blood Of The Nations", which the music press over the He knew how to rapture the boundaries of the heavy metal genre and let hordes of people storm into the record stores, which among other things resulted in a 4th place in the German album charts. What everyone wished for at this point would become reality a good year and a half later in April 2012: With »Stalingrad« the quintet added a record that even surpassed its ingenious predecessor in some respects! During the 2010 festival season, NUCLEAR BLAST was present everywhere as usual and was even able to look forward to its own label night in the party tent as part of the popular Bavarian Summer Breeze Festival. Until the turn of the year 2010/2011, DESTRUCTION, BIOHAZARD and the heavy metal queen DORO, who even celebrated her "25 Years in Rock" in the form of a high-quality DVD + CD box set of the same name at the end of November in front of her new label home, took place. Another wave of well-known artists made their way to the Donzdorf heavy metal epicenter. Their example was to be followed by numerous other combos in the following year and a half, including GRAND MAGUS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, ENSLAVED, TANKARD and WITCHCRAFT.In 2011 GRAVEYARD served an authentic psychedelic and classic rock traditionalist full service of the extra class in the form of their label debut »Hisingen Blues«. The most ambitious project of the year, however, was undoubtedly tackled by NIGHTWISH: The Finns breathed life into Tuomas Holopainen's breathtaking fantasy world on »Imaginaerum« and announced that they would publish a feature film in the not too distant future, and the band went to Canada to film it . Platinum in Finland as well as gold awards in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Slovakia finally gave the monumental round piece its well-deserved precious metal coating.


THAT THE MOST FAMILY EMPIRE IN THE WORLD The undisputed highlights of the current NUCLEAR-BLAST anniversary year include the releases of the Thrash triumvirate of TESTAMENT, KREATOR and TANKARD, while in the Power Metal segment SABATON for “Carolus Rex” laurels and nöcher - including gold in Sweden and Poland - reaped, and the new wave of folk metal pioneers ELUVEITIE with »Helvetios«, the symphonic metal icons EPICA with »Requiem For The Indifferent« and the Swedish technology experts MESHUGGAH with "Koloss" caused enthusiasm everywhere. It became extremely emotional when GOTTHARD released »Firebirth« - their first album without Steve Lee, who was tragically fatally injured on October 5, 2010 at the microphone. After a period of sadness and pain, the Swiss proved with newcomer Nic Maeder that they were ready to look ahead and continue their success story. In addition, the metal world could look forward to more returnees: After five years without releases, the British progressive metal pioneers THRESHOLD delivered a real chart-topper with “March Of Progress” (UK Rock Charts # 23, Germany # 28, Switzerland # 30, Austria # 55, Netherlands # 70, France # 102) and at the same time the climax of their discography to date. Apart from all the strong records of the year, the news of two collaborations that are significant for the company's history caused a sensation: Markus Staiger announced a new alliance in the USA in August 2012, in future with the former A&R legend of Roadrunner Records, Monte Conner form: Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The new label will do most of its core business with the already established U.S. Operate Nuclear Blast L.A. branch. Nuclear Blast also planned to significantly strengthen its position in the UK market. Markus was able to win over the former Managing Director of Roadrunner Records UK, Mark Palmer, who will set up and manage the first UK office of Nuclear Blast. Palmer was with Roadrunner Records almost from its inception and was largely responsible for making the label one of the most successful and respected of its kind. Thanks to developments like this one, a passionate, dynamic and ambitious team, as well as probably the highest quality band line-up in the entire globe, Markus Staiger's childhood dream is in full bloom after a quarter of a century of hard work - and the journey is far from over. To the next 25 years in the service of heavy metal! Philipp Raabe Unless otherwise stated, all text identifies iles from 100


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ANTHRAX Scott Ian signature guitar “Among The Living”, signed

BELPHEGOR Goathead stage decoration WE CAME AS ROMANS guitar, signed

HARDCORE HAR HA AR A RD SUPERSTAR Bass, B played on "It‘s" "ItItt‘s‘ Only Rock 'n ‘Roll"

KREATOR Mille Petrozza Signature Guitar “Phobia” + T-Shirts GOTTHARD RD Crash Cymbals, sisigni signed i ned e

VADER micro stand + Piotrs guitar strap

JUDAS PRIEST “Screaming For Vengeance” lithograph, signed

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ELUVEITIE ELU LU UVEEI EITIE IE Zinn fl Zin i n fl utee + Drumskin, Drum Dr Dru mskin, msk m inn signed and signed

DIM DIMMU MMU U BOR BORGIR O GIR Silenoz stage boats + 2x drum cover signed + stage decoration

SOILWORK drumsticks from "The Living Infinite" Drr DDru Sessions, signed

TANKARD fan trip to the gig on March 23, 2013 (more info online) RAGE Crash & Ride cymbals, signed

WINTERSUN guitar strap, signed

HAMMERFALL stage decoration for the "Crimson Crusade" 2003

HELL Andy Stage-Out fi t And An n y Sneaps Sne n INDICA Jonsus dress from the “In Passing” video

COM MMUN U IC I COMMUNIC Tour-Hoodie + first demo that brought the NB deal

KORPIKLAANI K KO Jonne's legendary Joo JJon reindeer lederhosen R BULLET 2x signed drum skins, band beer, picks, hair by Lenny Blade (ex-bass player)

CHROME DIVISION Silver helmet from the “Serial Killer” video, signed

AGNOSTIC FRONT drumskin, signed

PANINI 3x Star Wars comic of the 100th edition (limited to 1000 pieces)

www.nuclearblast.de/mailorder earb arblas arb l t.de/mailord der · [email protected] · Oe Oeschstrasse esch 40 · 73072 Donzdorf · Germany

PEGASUS 1x “Die Zwerge” fantasy board game Collectors Box, signed by the author Markus Heitz & 2x “Rock Science” board game, limited edition, signed + t-shirt, poster + sticker.


You can fi nd more news at: For more news check: www.nuclearblast.de

BELPHEGOR The Austrian Death / Black command around front icon & guitarist Helmuth have completed the work on their tenth album. The disc, currently under the working title “Chapter X”, was produced together with Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, SIX FEET UNDER, NILE) in his Mana Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida and sounds “a lot more brutal, aggressive and disharmonious than them last works ”, says Helmuth,“ the last rehearsals were fantastic. We are totally electrified! You can expect even more shredding, more magick, simply more of everything! ”In addition, the team will also do some special anniversary shows in 2013:“ 20 years full of chaos and diabolical music - somehow unreal! After fighting for my life for ten months, it's amazing to be able to create new sound collages again! Next year we will bring you our most violent stage rituals to appease our demons! ”Well then, HELL F * KK & BEELZEBUB - we are happy!


FREE FALL From the ashes of THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, guitarist Mattias Bärjed created a new troupe with FREE FALL, which describes their style as Freedom Rock and thus hits the nail on the head. The perfect symbiosis of elements from such tradition-conscious bands as THE WHO, LED ZEPPELIN, UFO or THE STOOGES as well as the unbelievable haunting organ of exceptional singer Kim conveys the feeling of rock-n-roll freedom as lightly as hardly any other band these days able. We welcome that unique band into the big Nuclear Blast family and are looking forward to their debut album »Power & Volume«, which is currently being produced in the Stockholm studio Cobra under the motto 'a lot of heart, no calculation'. “We firmly believe that the contract with Nuclear Blast is an important step in our quest to connect people through Freedom Rock. World domination through »Power & Volume« ”, it happily echoes from www.nuclearblast.de/freefall from the band headquarters.

AVANTASIA The rumors have been confirmed - the internationally acclaimed mammoth project by exceptional artist Tobias Sammet (EDGUY) will be continued, contrary to all statements to the contrary. The Hessian cheerful nature explains: “Even if I basically have a lot of fun recording and touring with EDGUY, when I made the decision to end the AVANTASIA thing for the time being, I couldn't foresee how much I would need this project for my inner balance . After the last studio album and the excellent worldwide response, the t.de/avantasia subsequent world tour, which was sold out almost everywhere, and the collaboration www.nuclearblas with my childhood heroes such as Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Eric Singer from KISS, etc., I was I'm sure at first that I had said everything in the name of AVANTASIA in the past few years that is simply great to say. But that's not really what I'm talking about at AVANTASIA. I, and even better, even better, love to do it and make the fantasy world with connection in music the decision that I, then, have the song material on what I have heard so far, I do. And if I have the feeling that opening a new chapter with AVANTASIA is the only logical consequence! I just have to be! ”We have that too! Thank you, Tobi!



School Everyone who thought that the young savages of the Old PfeiThrash were slowly but surely opening the youngest hole on the last hole can take a breath of relief. With the band that has ever signed to Nuclear Blast, the brightest star in their firmament for years also shines up. The Finns from LOST SOCIETY, who elt werHeimat already considered the next big thing n demos, impressed us not only with their razor-sharp live but also with their driving, energetic, enthusiastic gigs. The band is currently working flat out on their debut album and “We like: n come the en, great deed that is visible Nuclear are all really looking forward to working with n, Blast”, the quartet's headquarters announce “ours first album will leave a lasting impression - a listening experience that you wouldn't want to miss: Aggressive and LOUD! ”At LOST SOCIETY, that's for sure, definitely not just boiled with water - the proof www.nuclearblast.de/lostsociety will follow shortly !


As always, there is a lot going on at the jack-of-all-trades and Hans-Dampf-in-allenGassen Peter Tägtgren. Not only has the busy Swede just brought the new PAIN DVD “We Come In Peace” dry, is currently touring the stages in Europe with it and has produced the new album of his Finnish label colleagues AMORPHIS, but also takes care of things on the side nor about the concerns of his living DeathMetal legend HYPOCRISY. Due to the high www.nuclearb workload, this time last.de/hypocris y is not the foreman himself; His long-time colleague and founding member Mikael Hedlund took the floor: “We have already finished half of the new album and it feels great to be back in the studio three years after“ A Taste Of Extreme Divinity ”and to be able to go on tour afterwards . In the meantime we like to take things a little slower and take our time so that everything is perfect right from the start and blossoms to full maturity. ”Naturally, the bass player cannot give any exact details or even song titles at this stage of production, but promises“ the best out of HYPOCRISY ”and then play on so many continents.


Probably the most iconic band under the atomic logo, ORCHID from San Francisco, are already working hard on their second long player after the release of their highly acclaimed »Heretic« EP. 9 songs are currently being planned, all of which should measure at least five to over six minutes. Musically, the only logical BLACK SABBATH successor remains true to itself, of course, but is not afraid to continue the development started on »Heretic«. The songs were recorded in the renowned Bay Area studios Laughing Tiger (including SANTANA, SAMMY HAGAR) and Hyde Street (including DEAD KENNEDYS, MR.BUNGLE, JOE SATRIANI, EXODUS) before being completed in the home studio of long-term producer Will Storkson. Theo Mindell, front man, head of the band and internationally renowned tattoo artist in personal union, is again responsible for the stunningly authentic artwork. At the moment everything points to a release in early 2013 and the first demo snippets promise a great, psychedelic manifesto of occult rock music!


RK had the Swedish melodic death metal visionaries SOILWO Living Inben completed the recordings for the upcoming mammoth work »The Nachhaben fi nite«. The double album created by the 2010 released »The Panic Broadcast« is currently mixed with AMARTH, masterful hands of Jens Bogren (KREATOR, AMON. OPETH) and is supposed to feature a total of around 20 songs with guest one of them, 'The Windswept Mercy', Incidentally, he is waiting for the vocals from none other than Justin Sullivan, Frontma. “British alternative rock pioneers NEW MODEL ARMY, He has a ser man is a real legend and a gentleman. in his and the stage on, voice of his in presence, unique his untexts. The fact that he wanted to give a believable voice to a SOILWORK song moved me to tears. He will be my hero forever ”, says singer Björn“ Speed ​​”Strid. Furthermore, SOILWORK will be on a big North Going, America tour in spring 2013 before the big European summer festivals are targeted.

SUICIDE SILENCE The California deathcore kings SUICIDE SILENCE have recently signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast and there is general euphoria. Guitarist Mark Heylmun says: “I and my bandmates from SUICIDE SILENCE are really proud of it. The decision was easy for us, after all, Nuclear Blast have been a solid as a rock in Heavy Metal for decades. We couldn't be happier. This is a fresh start for us that we are more than ready for! Let's turn to the second chapter! "Bassist and cheerful character Dan Kenny picks up the thread," I'm more than thrilled to be under contract with the sickest of all HeavyMetal labels in the future. I've dreamed of this since I was a teenager, when my bedroom walls were covered with Nuclear Blast posters. ”The follow-up to the extremely successful 2011 album» Black Crown «is expected to be released in summer 2013. www.nuclearblast.de/suicidesilence.

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Beastival, Burning Sea y San & P a r t y.

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BETWEEN ANTIQUE AND MODERN 30 years of DESTRUCTION, 30 years of the finest Thrash Metal. The band around the legendary front man Schmier is celebrating this occasion with the new studio album "Spiritual Genocide" and lots of motivation.When the three youngsters Marcel "Lubricant" Schirmer, Michael "Mike" Sifringer and Thomas "Tommy" Sandmann met in a rehearsal room in the tranquil Weil am Rhein in 1982, no one thought that three decades later two of these warriors were still in love with him Produce noise and thus be successful worldwide. But that's exactly how it looks. And if you take the class of "Spiritual Genocide" as a yardstick, then this success is more than justified. In any case, lubrication is satisfied. “From my point of view, the new album sounds fresh and not dusty. We're just having a good run at the moment. The previous "Day Of Reckoning" pointed the way in the right direction. “Spiritual Genocide” is the logical consequence. ”The new drummer Wawrzyniec“ Vaaver ”Dramowicz is not entirely innocent of this, as Schmier reports. “With Vaaver, it has become a lot easier for us to do things quickly. That may have been a little short in the last few years, even if our numbers are of course still too heavy for the average consumer. We play extreme metal, you can listen to the individual pieces two or three times before they ignite. And for that, »Spiritual Genocide« is really going on the dance floor, haha. "

TOTAL INSANITY In addition to the musical refinement of one's own style, it is the title that catches the eye. What exactly do the gentlemen mean by the title “spiritual genocide”? Lubricant is immediately in his element. “You just have to turn on the news on TV. The Muslims are shooting because of some C-movie

completely through. And China and Japan are on the verge of a war over a small island off Taiwan. This is total madness. Don't we have any other problems in this world? ”And after the giant calmed down a bit:“ Our lyrics have always been socially critical. I am also asked again and again whether I would like to change that. I don't want to, because it belongs to DESTRUCTION. ”The lyrics to 'Legacy Of The Past', in which Metal is celebrated, are not quite as meaningful (depending on the point of view). On board are Tom Angelripper (SODOM) and Gerre (TANKARD). “I had the idea for the piece four years ago, but it couldn't be implemented. This time I asked again quite spontaneously what was no problem for Gerre and Tom. It's always nice to bring something constructive onto the tape with old friends. In terms of content, it's about the spirit of the early days. ”The guest contribution by Ol Drake (EVILE), who recorded a few passages for the record, stands for exactly the opposite. “Ol is our favorite guitarist of the new wave of Thrash. He once helped out live with us when Mike broke his hand. Ol is part of the family somehow. If we should ever integrate a second guitar into the line-up, only he will be considered. ”That does not mean that the guest list has been completed, because with Oliver Kaiser (drums) and Harry Wilkens (guitar) there are also two old warriors represented. “They can be heard on the bonus version of the song 'Carnivore' (next to an ingenious version of SAXON's 'Princess Of The Night'). It was great to have both of them in the studio. We were able to exchange a lot of anecdotes. And for many fans the line-up of »Mad Butcher« and »Release From Agony« is simply cult. "

NO GOLDEN TRAYS The mascot of DESTRUCTION should also be cult for many. The crazy butcher made it back on the cover for his 30th birthday. "We have now released two albums without him because we didn't want to repeat ourselves," says Schmier. “But the fans really wanted him back. I fell too

something, so it was just implemented. ”Incidentally, the original idea for the insane butcher came from Schmier himself, as he remembers. “We needed a badge back then, and Harry and Olly were just new to the band. Somehow everything fit together back then. So I sat down with Sebastian Krüger and designed the Mad Butcher. Sebastian was not nearly as famous then as he is now (he is now one of the stars of the so-called New Pop Realism and one of the most famous living painters in Germany - Note to the author). We quickly realized that we had done something right, because the first shirt with the Butcher motif was the one with the best sales for a long time. Back then, everything was somehow on the move. ”But even today there is enough to discover in the metal scene if you just take the trouble. The cover of "Spiritual Genocide" alone is bursting with details that all give clues to the lyrics. Lubricant does not want to go into more detail, however. “We should stop serving people everything on a gold platter. You can make your own thoughts if you are interested in the background. "

YOUNG CLASSICS 30 years of DESTRUCTION are of course also a reason to take a look in the rear-view mirror and take stock. But the singer struggles with the highs and lows. “It's like being asked about the best sex of your life. Basically, the appearances in Wacken are always something special. And not to forget the many gigs abroad. I have traveled to so many countries that I never thought I would ever see. The low point was certainly the separation between DESTRUCTION and me in 1989 and the first few years of rapprochement, until it finally worked out in 1999. “But, as already mentioned, the view is not only backwards, but above all forwards. And there is the birthday tour for the album. “We're just looking for suitable bands. But it is already clear that we will start in South America in November. Europe is in its sights from March 2013. Of course we want to do something special again. But there won't be a purely retro setlist. Because we noticed that the younger fans in particular have their own classics that were only created in the last ten or twelve years. We'll probably just play longer to get everything down. ”Marcus Zemke





Where HATEBREED go all out on the live front and pretty much everyone should have seen the Connecticut five-piece at least once, since 2003's “The Rise Of Brutality” there has been plenty of new material than many other troops in the genre . In the meantime, an album rhythm of around three years has crept into Jamey Jasta & Co. The largest and most successful hardcore band on the planet is currently touring their American homeland as part of the tenth birthday of their breakthrough album "Perseverance" (2002) and has their sixth studio work in the sack, which is currently still under the working title "The Divinity Of Purpose" famed and directly classified as the best HATEBREED manslaughter since »Perseverance«. Mr. Jasta himself spoke to us about those issues as well as about the newly bagged record deal with Nuclear Blast. When Jamey's answers from Houston, Texas trickled into the BLAST! Editorial office, he had just completed half of the anniversary tour, which included the billing of the new label colleagues from ALL SHALL PERISH. The shows seem to be more intense than ever. “It's going great when you consider that we haven't been to the States for three years

What not everyone knows: · The debut "Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire" sold more units at the time than any other debut on Victory Records. · Guitarist Frank “3-Gun” Novinec previously played for TERROR, RINGWORM and INTEGRITY. · In August 2012, the band was assigned to the White Power movement because of a poorly researched article on the US news channel CNN. When the embarrassing mistake was fl owed, the broadcaster apologized publicly.


as headliners. It's also very good that people are still enjoying the album and that there are so many new and old fans in one place. At some shows it was much more intense than we expected, "says Jamey, astonished." There were wild nights in Worcester, Dallas and Denver, for example. We're having a very good time. ”The former roadie of the hardcore icons INTEGRITY is also happy how well such mixed billing works - WHITECHAPEL and DEEZ NUTS are also on board:“ It's nice, the cohesion of hardcore and death metal and metal in general. So far every show has been absolutely gorgeous, ”the front fl ummi gushes out. But the 35 year old can not only be happy about the live power of his band, which is beyond any doubt. The new HATEBREED album will be released in Europe under an atomic flag; the ink on the contract documents barely dried. "It feels great," Jasta confirms the euphoria on both sides. “We look forward to trying something new and working with the people at Nuclear Blast! I think change is a good thing. Sometimes people resist it, but with HATEBREED we have always welcomed positive innovations and I think it was time for a label change. ”As already mentioned, the new label also includes a new record - this was once more with producer- Legend Zeuss (SUICIDE SILENCE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, TERROR, UNEARTH and many more) recorded in the Dexter's Lab Studios in the hometown of the hardcore tank. As is usual with a work machine like HATEBREED, the studio concentrated on the essentials: “No strippers, no drama, nothing crazy. Except that we put a tennis headband on Zeuss and named him Zeuss Macenroe, ”laughs from Houston.

BRUTALO HITS ON THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR! Otherwise it can be said that with "The Divinity Of Purpose" there is a HATEBREED album from the textbook. Stylistically, the buzz hits the same notch as the first three full-length players who ushered in a new era around the turn of the millennium, and waits with elements here and there

that found their way into "Supremacy" and "Hatebreed". “We focused on making heavy and catchy songs that got to the point. The disc fits perfectly into our discography and should stand the test of time just like our other albums. ”Confident, yes - arrogant, no! HATEBREED 2012 kick their asses unbelievably and with no frills. “Chris (Beattie, Bass - Editor's note) did some really cool riffs and I think I was lyrically expressing exactly what I wanted. In addition, my riffs are getting better because my guitar playing has also improved. ”Jamey himself worked with his two Epiphone Prophecy guitars as well as the acoustic guitar on which the greatest HATEBREED hits 'I Will Be Heard' & 'Live For This' was created. Pieces of this style will also be included on the new long groove: “I think 'Own Your World' will go in this direction, but also 'Nothings Scars Me' or the title track. All in all, the songs are all extremely strong. It's going to be really hard to decide which of them will make it to the live set and which ones won't. So too is the choice of video tracks. “Luxury problems are really nice. And what is a real hit has to be played on stage every time. Some big bands get fed up at some point and only do so out of obligation. Not so Jamey: “For me, the whole thing is a kind of spiritual experience that reminds me of how lucky I am and what I have already come through in my life. I also get a huge adrenaline rush every time I play the songs that I really love. "

REAL CROSSOVER! Personal problems, honor, resilience - important pivotal points in the lyrical concept of the band. This is also reflected in the new album title: “We have a lot of positive things in our lyrics. I think it's very important to see a purpose in life and that's what I want to express. And if you sometimes fi nd something new for yourself in this regard, it can be almost spiritual. ”However, Jasta would generally like to leave the interpretation of the title and the lyrics to his numerous fans and still notices it for him

Telephone: +49 (0) 7162 928026 Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm or / or Fax +49 (0) 7162 2 4556

most important point: "I hope you can get motivation and inspiration from this!". Speaking of inspiration - the crossover driven to perfection by HATEBREED, now known as New School Hardcore, is no coincidence, which is why the three main components, hardcore, metal and punk, are given great importance on "The Divinity Of Purpose". “It's a symbiosis of that. I think we prove with this record that we are a real crossover band. After we were touring with bands like SLIPKNOT, SLAYER or MACHINE HEAD and were always able to convince their audiences, we have shown that we appeal to more than just one fan group - our in fl uences can be felt more than ever on this album. ”This is how Jasta speaks add certain SLAYER and BOLT THROWER vibes to the relentlessly thrashing 'The Language', while 'Put It To Torch' evokes real NYHC feelings. Complexity true to the roots.

SELF THERAPY & THE SOUND OF THE 90'S! The love for nostalgia is also in the details: some tracks have a decent 90s undertone. An era that did not bring much joy in metal, but for which hardcore was much more significant. “Many of my favorite albums were released in the 90s,” remembers the bandana wearer and lists: “SICK OF IT ALL, BIOHAZARD, LEEWAY, EARTH CRISIS, STRIFE, MADBALL, but also bands like ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER and SEPULTURA had me back then “Something that you have been hearing the unique sound of the combo for years. "On» Supremacy «we had an old-school sound,» Hatebreed «should sound more metal and this time we chose a very modern production, but captured the hardcore sound of the 90s." Since the release of today's cult debut » Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire “At the end of that decade, a lot happened in the life of the singer, who was born as James Shanahan. So after almost 20 years in business, it is time to take stock. How much does all of this change you? “It made me more responsible and I have a thicker coat. If you achieve something in your life that for me meant success on TV, in a band, and other aspects, people will try to break you. Everyone cannot be expected to be happy for you and there are people who spend their time destroying you. You quickly learn that some support you and others wish you nothing but misfortune. I also learned that if you go all out to a great extent, you have to hold on to what you have achieved. It can be snatched away too quickly by negative forces. That's why I always try to see the positive side and to treat everyone the way they would like to be treated, ”explains the front man and bridges the gap to the new piece already mentioned,“ Nothing Scars Me ”, which he is almost a sequel Looks at 'Every Lasting Scar' from the previous album: “This song is about the things that have been said about me over the past three years. That doesn't bother me anymore and this song helped me stand above it. I've learned to change my mindset and not allow negativity. That really makes you a lot freer and I hope that the song will also help others. "Two other songs that should be mentioned here not only because of their musical power, but also because of their lyrics are 'Honor Never Dies' and 'The Language' : “I was inspired to the former when I accompanied my grandfather in his last days. He had nine children and was over 90 years old. He was a big man and he proved to me that everyone deserves a second chance. He also showed me that if you make an honorable decision in a difficult situation, the results will live on. 'The Language' is about negativity and things that are poison to you - in the form of words. I wanted to take care of it because it has kept me very busy for the past two to three years. This song also had a very cleansing effect on me. ”Definitely a very healthy way of dealing with the adversities of life.

THE WORKAHOLIC & THE BURNOUT As far as the adversities of the music industry and its formats are concerned, Jamey sees the whole thing rather practically - after the CD was slowly but surely replaced by download after almost 25 years, this is almost history thanks to streaming. “I'm not so sure about the whole thing yet.I tried streaming on my phone and the quality was really bad. I prefer to stick with the MP3s on my iPod. I also like CDs, because the quality is better, you can read the lyrics and you just have something to touch. "Especially when you are in the limelight like the former Headbangers Ball presenter, who not only has another construction site besides HATEBREED, The question also arises as to whether a workaholic of this extent might not be on the verge of burnout. “Yes, I feel burned out too,” admits Jamey, “recently I've been spending more time with my family, which is very good for my spirituality.

health was. I could fl y home and be with her in my grandmother's last hours, be a bigger part of my daughter's life. The music business can be fun and it has a lot of things in store for you, but it's better for me if I can take a break and be with my family. ”All too understandable, because as suggested there is next to the band even more obligations that the busy shouter follows. He is the owner of his own clothing line “Hatewear” and the head of the hardcore label Stillborn Records. “I recently released another album on Stillborn; a band called DEFILER. Young kids from California, a very cool band. I will probably do more there in the future now that I will soon get out of my current sales deal. That was a bit strange and I hope to be able to continue soon. ”And so it goes on with goose-step. Finally, there is also the solo project JASTA, the sludge super duo KINGDOM OF SORROW (with Kirk Windstein, DOWN / CROWBAR) and a few years ago a project with ICEPICK emerged that would like to see a continuation. “At the moment, only the new HATEBREED album is pending, for which we will be on the road for twelve months or more, but I've already written a few songs for JASTA that I think are very awesome. There are currently no plans for KINGDOM OF SORROW and ICEPICK was probably more of a one-off story. But who knows, maybe something will come again. I love Danny D, but I will hardly have time in the near future. ”Says it and lets the spark of hope continue to glimmer.

MAYO-SCHUTZFAKTOR 50+ There is more constancy on the live front: Not only the NYHC godparents AGNOSTIC FRONT have been confirmed for next year's edition of the renowned Persistence Tour, but also the headliners: HATEBREED. Jasta & Co. are really excited to finally be able to present the new songs live: “This will be the very first tour for the new album, so we can't wait to go out and see all of our die-hard fans and how they respond to it. It will also be great to be able to hang out with AGNOSTIC FRONT and H2O and possibly do some sightseeing. Presumably there will also be special Meet & Greet packages where we will play the entire new album to the fans. ”So from now on, those interested should always take a look at the official HATEBREED homepage. However, if you take a look into the future, after ten years of “Perseverance” the next anniversary is just around the corner. In 2014, HATEBREED will celebrate its 20th anniversary. There are no concrete plans for this yet, but various ideas are buzzing around the room: “We were thinking about a“ Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire ”15th Anniversary Tour or releasing or even re-recording the album. Or to re-release or re-record »Perseverance«. Maybe we'll do a special tour or something funny to celebrate the occasion. ”Of course, there are also tons of funny and bizarre moments on tour. When it comes to the strangest fan encounters, Jamey is hesitant for good reason: “A lot has happened there, but I don't want to spread it too much because I think it will attract even more of it. I had fans who showed up at my home, which is why I've moved in the meantime, ”smiles the Roaring Cube. “Others gave me strange things and said strange things. But I think the worst was when I jumped down on the barricades at a gig and a girl bit me in the stomach. I've never done that again since then, hahahaha! ”. Quite understandable, who would love to miss a second navel? Then prefer to play shit with the employees: “On a day in the hot summer of 2004, when we were on the Ozzfest tour, our soundman Goody was completely drunk and cracked away in his bunk. Eight hours later we were already on our way to the next town and he woke up with a huge gasp. So he decided to make a sandwich with loads of mayonnaise. He sat down across from me, munched on the thing and said, "Dude, this is the shitty sandwich ever. What's wrong? ”But he ate it all up and went back to sleep. About 45 minutes later he jumped up and just screamed that we should stop the bus immediately, he just had to shit. He ran out and exploded with deadly diarrhea. The mayo on the sandwich was sunscreen that someone had put in the fridge so that it was nice and cold when someone got a nasty sunburn. ”Delicious, but that's the normal hardship in everyday touring. For the moment, we're looking forward to mid-January when HATEBREED will dismantle the stages of Europe and drop all jaws with the release of “The Divinity Of Purpose”, thus proving once again why they are the undisputed kings of New School Hardcore. Marlis Wimmerer

HATEBREED The Divinity Of Purpose

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THE SOUNDTRACK TO RELAX! At Nuclear Blast they are not only happy these days to welcome the new school hardcore kings HATEBREED into the family, but also that the band around jack-of-all-trades and Hans-Dampf-In-AllenGassen Jamey Jasta for them new partnership has ruined by far the best album in almost ten years. "The Divinity Of Purpose" continues where, after "The Rise Of Brutality" (2003), room was made for other elements in favor of a trace of progression. Those elements, that is solos, even more metallic riff fi ng, semi-clean vocal passages in an almost epic manner, which found their way into the sound of the Connecticut quintet more and more on “Supremacy” (2006) and “Hatebreed” (2009), can be found nowadays still taking place, but have again given way to the raw, pounding brutality that once helped HATEBREED onto the hardcore throne with songs like 'I Will Be Heard' or 'Live For This', which creates an even more homogeneous and extremely varied overall picture. In addition to these established basic components, there is the corresponding sound, which was once again conjured up by hardcore producer god Chris 'Zeuss' Harris (MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, TERROR, UNEARTH ...). According to this, the sixth HATEBREED turner bursts out of the boxes with a correspondingly massive amount of power, not to mention the certain 90s tonal color, which crowns the whole thing discreetly but omnipresent and reminds of the former glory of icons such as BIOHAZARD or EARTH CRISIS. Music of this style of playing is often and mostly rightly slammed with the motto “stump is trump”, which is undoubtedly also used here as a stylistic device, but HATEBREED have still proven that they understand it, with the skillful addition of raging Thrash -Rif fi ng and rumbling death metal groove to initiate the most exciting and violent breakdowns. So after only a few seconds you would like to beat your living room to a lump, so uncompromisingly and vehemently the frustrated statements are thrown at you. Tracks like the speedy 'The Language', for example, dash over you mercilessly, while groove bombs like 'Honor Never Dies' or 'Nothing Scars Me' with their potentially hit intensity are already closing the moshpits on the upcoming Persistence Tour (with AGNOSTIC FRONT, among others) Will spur on top performance. Even if the Americans have never reported a weak release in their glorious discography, it can justifiably be said that "The Divinity Of Purpose" has the highest density of future hymns and brutal manifestos since ' I Will Be Heard 'Vin Diesel accompanied daredevil stunts in "XXX". Thus, album number six is ​​not only a mandatory purchase for fans of the band (regardless of the generation), but is also perfect as an introduction to the world of modern hardcore metal. With this disc, Jamey Jasta and his journeymen have set a pounding monument for themselves, which in the future will be mentioned in the same breath as their reference work »Perseverance« (2002). Get yourself a ball and face mask, knee and elbow protectors and a hard plastic helmet, because these songs will de fi nitely lay everything to rubble and ashes and make even the most relaxed guy freak out - no, force! Promised! Marlis Wimmerer

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How time flies when you're having fun! The German thrash time fl ies when you're having fun, doesn't it? German thrash titans DESTRUCTION celebrate their 30th anniversary and ver titans, DESTRUCTION, are celebrating 30 years of existence and public their 13th studio album, »Spiritual Genocide«! Again they are releasing their 13th album, "Spiritual Genocide". Once again packed with high quality Thrash anthems, a packed with high quality thrash anthems, a pounding production by legendary producers Martin Buchwalter pounding production by Martin BuchSpiritual Genocide (including TANKARD) and Andy Classen (LEGION walter and Andy Classen as well as guest on CD-Digi + Patch + tag OF THE DAMNED, BELPGEHOR ...) as sluggish by Tom Angelripper (SODOM) and 207314 € 17.99 well as guest appearances by SODOM's Gerre (TANKARD), show DESTRUCTION, exclusive to the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder! Tom Angelripper and TANKARD's Gerre that they still have everything that CD-Digi + Patch 207311 16.99 € DESTRUCTION show that they still have every stereo and every neck LP + 7 "EP (colored) 207313 19, 99 € what it takes to crush every stereo and can crush! Join the spiriExclusive with the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder! every neck out there. Join the »Spiritual genocide and celebrate with us! PIC-LP 207312 € 18.99 Genocide "and party with Lubricants & Co.! ➔ Interview on page 9


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It's not that often that a band defines a new genre these days that a band fails to define a genre. FREE FALL do this. With your days. FREE FALL do just that. With their first release ever, the of fi cial foretaste of the official appetizer for the upcoming debut album, “Pokommenden Debut“ Power & Volume ”, the quartet wer & Volume”, the quartet featuring Mattias Bärjed (guum Mattias Bärjed (git ., THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES itar, THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES) and Ludwig Dahlund Ludwig Dahlberg (dr., THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE berg (drums, THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY) CONSPIRACY) from what is now known as Freedom Rock deliver what from now on will be known as freedom rock! Just listen to their gentle grooves that culminate in harsh, Just listen to their mellow grooves culminating in harsh and cutting riffs blended with a voice and cut riffs by a power & volume so soft on one hand yet able to bring voice, on the one hand so soft and yet 7 “EP (white) 208881 7.99 € mass hysteria on the other. This is capable of triggering mass hysteria, exclusive to the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! freed om. This is rock. This is freedom to be rounded off. That is freedom. 7 “EP (black) 208876 7.99 € rock! Go get it and feel it! This is rock. This is Freedom Rock!

GRAVEYARD You are the rising star in rock heaven. They are by all means to rising stars in rock music of the Danish classic rock monsters GRAVEYARD have with their past months. Swedish classic rock monsters, GRAVEYARD, self-titled debut and the second album »Hisingen Blues« each have impressed every serious music fan out there with their serious music fan. On their third album, self-titled debut as well as with their second installment, "Lights Out", the band took another step forward, "Hisingen Blues". With their third album, "Lights Out", the made and presented their most complex work. An album, band has taken quite a few steps forward, presenting their most varied effort. An album, as dark, so dark, yet melodic - so serious Lights Out, yet wonderful to listen to. CD-Digi + Patch 205026 € 16.99 yet melodic, as serious yet fun to listen GRAVEYARD have once again set the bar CD 205037 € 14.99 to, everyone will be stunned upon the € 18.99 first listen. GRAVEYARD have once again set the genre higher. Not to mention that these songs have a live exclusive at the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! lifted the bar in this genre. Not to menti205041 18.99 € on these songs will take you to another catapult into another dimension LP (black) PicLP 205046 19.99 € dimension when played live. WOW! become. ➔ Interview on pages 44 - 45


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HAMMERFALL are known for their energetic live shows. HAMMERFALL are well known for their energetic live shows. Only recently did the Templars Of Steel play an extraordinarily the templars of steel played an extraordinary anniversary concert, which is now included in the DVD + 2CD package “Gates Of show; which is now featured on their upcoming DVD + 2CD Dalhalla «is released. The show lasted two hours, a packed package called "Gates Of Dalhalla". The show took more than 2 hours, featuring all their hymns and mit all their hymns and classics soGates Of Dalhalla classics - as well as guest performan € 23.99 ces by Jesper Strömblad, Stefan Elmgren, Mikael Stanne and more! The band teren! For the band itself this is an exclusive at the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder! themselves describe it as one of the best of their best gigs of all time; Blu-Ray + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass 207318 25.99 € shows they‘ve ever played, and indeed you can only agree: Pure magic! This is exclusive to the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! their performance is simply magic! It's the ultimate proof that the Swedes are still the kings of their genre! DVD-Digi + 2CD 207315 Blu-Ray + 2CD 207316 € 24.99 undisputed kings of their genre. ➔ Interview on page 46

HATEBREED Have you ever had the feeling that after only ten seconds of a Have you ever experienced the feeling to just have to smash everything around you into kindling to everything in your way after only 10 seconds of listening? Well, you will definitely have that after you have this to a new album? Well, you certainly will after inserting this brand new HATEBREED CD! Jamey Jasta & Co. brand new HATEBREED longplayer into your player! Jamey have never released a weak album, but this one, Jasta and Co. have never released any weak record, but this ladies and gentlemen, is de fi nitely the best new school - one, ladies and gentlemen, de fi nitely is the best new school hardcore album since 2002's genreHardcore record since the 2002 genreThe Divinity Of Purpose de fi ning »Perseverance«! Tracks like milestone »Perseverance«! Songs like CD-Digi 208611 16.99 € 'The Language' unleash whirlwinds of 'The Language' unleash whirlwinds CD 208613 14.99 € brutality while 'Nothing Scars Me' for the brutality during 'Nothing Scars 2LP (white) 208615 19, 99 € example, wants to crush you with it's relentMe 'one with merciless power exclusively at the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder less power. The kings of hardcore are rolled down. The kings of hardcore are 2LP (black) 208614 19.99 € back - HATEBREED at their best! back! ➔ Interview on pages 10 - 11


OUT: 18.01.


Although HOLY GRAIL have only been active for four years, they are all Though HOLY GRAIL have only been around for four years, other than a blank slate. With two EPs and their they're anything but a blank page. Through two EPs and their acclaimed debut as well as shows with such well-known acts as critically acclaimed debut album plus shows with renowned BLIND GUARDIAN and ELUVEITIE, the Californian quintet acts such as BLIND GUARDIAN and ELUVEITIE, the California has already demonstrated its extraordinary ability. nian quintet has already proven its remarkable skills.With their extravagant mix of traditional NWoBHM their extraordinary blend of traditional NWoBHM tunes and and influences from various subgenres such as Thrash, in fl uences from various metal genres, such as thrash, death and modern metal, the boys from PasaDeath and Modern Metal, the Ride The Void dena offer a musical ingredient that has guys from Pasadena something that this 208512 14.99 ZWD has become extremely rare these days and days and have it on CD 208515 19.99 ZWD that they've developed even further on their Nuclear Blast debut »Ride The 2LP (clear) Exclusively at the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! their Nuclear Blast debut "Ride The Void" further developed: Innovation! 2LP (black) 208514 19.99 € Void «: innovation! ➔ Interview on page 48 Telephone: +49 (0) 7162 928026 Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm or / or Fax +49 (0) 7162 2 4556

Photo by Kai Swillus

KREATOR KREATOR return! Not only live on stage this December KREATOR are back! Not only live in the upcoming but also on your stereo! After the release »Phantom An December, but also in acoustic form! After tichrist ", which marked the thrash icons’ highest chart, her Nuclear Blast debut “Phantom Antichrist" has ever been to the thrash tricks, this winter also sees the release of another icons, giving the highest chart entries of all time to the collector’s item. The 7 ”single of the pounding album te, another collector's item will be released this winter. track 'Civilization Collapse' including the 7 ”single of the pounding track the rare non-album track 'Wolfchild' 'Civilization Collapse' including the Civilization collapse that only has been released on the ex- 7" EP (red) 208633 7.99 € rare non-album track 'Wolfchild', clusive Jon Sinclaire sampler, »Dark 7" EP (white) 208632 7.99 € which was previously only on the exclusive Symphonies «earlier this year. So 7 "EP (yellow) 208634 € 7.99 John Sinclair sampler" Dark Symalle three colors exclusively at make sure to grab your copy while it's phonies ". So make sure you get NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder available - because as always, strictly Your copies, as long as they are still available for ver7 "EP (black) 208630 € 7.99! ➔ Interview on page 52 limited stocks won’t last forever!

Photo by Heilemania

OUT: 11/23

NIGHTWISH The wait is over, the vision fullfilled! After the release of The wait is over, the vision fulfilled! After the ground breaking album, "Imaginaerum", followed by the release of the unprecedented album "Imaginaethe highly acclaimed orchestral / instrumental version of rum", followed by the highly acclaimed orchestral / institute, now is the time for the original score of the " Imaginary version, the time has come for the soundtrack to the naerum «movie that premieres on November 10, in the» Imaginaerum «film, the band's native: Helsinki, Finland on November 10th. The score is based on takes place in the band's homeland, Helsinki, Finland. the the songs of the album, being completely re-arranged The soundtrack is based on the songs on the album, which and newly interpreted by well-known Finnish score writer, by the well-known Finnish composer Petri AlanPetri Alanko. Make sure to experience “Imaginaerum” was completely rearranged and interpreted in ko. Experience another extremely deep version, with a lot of new details »Imaginaerum« in another, profound version, that will suck you in like no other peppered with new details! All hail, Imaginaerum (The Score) soundtrack has done before! All hail NIGHTWISH! CD 206448 15.99 € NIGHTWISH! ➔ Interview on pages 38 - 39

OUT: 09.11.

PAIN With their first DVD / Blu Ray release in over 5 years, "We Come With their first DVD / Blu Ray in over five years, PAIN deliver the In Peace", Peter Tägtgren and his mob deliver the full metal! A disc full of two complete gigs package. One disc stuffed with 2 full gigs (Debaser, Stockholm (Debaser, Stockholm & Masters Of Rock 2012, Czech Republic), one & Masters Of Rock 2012, Czech), an extensive documentary, all clips from the last intense documentary, all 5 music videos of two albums, a photo gallery and two We Come In Peace the past 2 albums, a photo gallery and 2 DVD-Digi + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass CDs with the audio-only versions. All CDs containing both of the gigs for your 206693 € 23.99 in Allem are available for over 170 minutes on the AuExklusiv at the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! listening-only pleasure. All in all that's gen + over 130 minutes on the ears. Ver170 + min. Worth of watching + 130 min.Blu-Ray + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass, trust us when we, who have celebrated Peter & Co. many times with 206692 € 25.99, say that of pure audio. And trust us if we, who have Exclusive to the NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! partied with Peter & co. many many times, here not just a simple live DVD, 22.99 € but a manifesto for all party-mad people tell you this isn't just a live DVD - this is for DVD-Digi + 2CD 206449 Blu-Ray + 2CD 206498 24 , 99 € is available! ➔ Interview on page 42 all you party maniacs out there!

Photo by Denis Goria

WINTERSUN It was de fi nitely worth the wait. Jari Mänenpää and the boys It was worth the wait! Jari Mänenpää and Co. might have taken some time, but the outcome is beyond any took some time, but the result goes beyond any expection. "Time I" showcases the already popular band, imagination. »Time I« shows the already popular band in WINTERSUN, in a so much more epic and symphonic form, much more epic and symphonic form, as nobody could have expected. Still featuring the melodic death. Still rooted in the melodic Death Metal metal roots of their successful self-titled of their successful debut, hadebut, WINTERSUN have managed to ben WINTERSUN managed to create the worlds TIME I blend the best of both worlds, culmina- CD-Digi + DVD 202170 18 , 99 € merge and in a never-ending ting in an never-ending huge sounding CD 202172 14.99 € wanting high point of heavy metal climax of heavy metal soundscapes. This LP (white) 202173 17.99 € to summon soundscapes. is fi nnish extravaganza at its best and will This fi nnish extravaganza exclusively compensates for the NUCLEAR BLAST mail order! make up for the past 8 years of waiting - LP (blue) 202169 € 17.99 for the last eight years! promised! ➔ Interview on pages 40 - 41










Instinct Extinct 022 1144,9,9999 €€ 5

tical Mortgage5 1144,9,999 €€

Mass Critical 97 1144,9,999 €€

ace Subsurf8 144.9.9999 €€ CCDD




sen elicates 9 € Psyched02152 1155,9,9, 99 €

22005022 2202152 CCDD · [email protected] tessen www.nuclearblast.de/mailorder stinct · OeschstrasseCCD40 D · 73072 Donzdorf e n n I lic · aGermany o t l c C n i t x c E Psy hede





d Land Wounde151 1144.9.9999 €€ CCDD



Land Wounded



Day of reckoning MAILORDER EDITION

CD box set 174725 € 16.99 Limited to 500 boxes incl. DESTRUCTION leather bracelet and numbered certificate of authenticity!



CD box set 171718 66.66 € The fat box (approx. 6.4 kg!) For the new DIMMU BORGIR Oberhammer! Incl. Digipak with three exclusive bonus tracks, book, numbered certificate of authenticity and Shagrath's mask as elegant wall decoration (approx. 39 x 40 x 15 cm)!


Raise your fi st MAILORDER EDITION

CD box set 202116 € 49.99 Limited to 500 boxes in a leather slipcase incl. Digibook, the leather belt (120 cm) with DORO belt buckle and numbered certificate of authenticity only contained in this box!



Raise your fi st ORANGE

Vinyl box set 202949 49.99 € The vinyl box edition contains the orange double LP in 180g vinyl in gatefold with a DIN A2 poster and a stretcher, printed with the LP cover. Limited to 150 copies!



Gates of dalhalla DVD-Digi + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass 207317 released 11/30.

23,99 €

Gates of Dalhalla

Blu-Ray + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass 207318 25.99 € Comes with lanyard and backstage pass (replica)! Release 11/30

prov. illustration!

prov. illustration!



CD box set 171159 € 16.99 Limited to 500 elegant box sets including belt, belt buckle and numbered certificate of authenticity!


We come in peace DVD-Digi + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass 206693

We come in peace

23,99 €

Blu-Ray + 2CD + Lanyard + Pass 206692 25.99 € Comes with lanyard and backstage pass (replica)!




A girl called Cerveza MAILORDER EDITION

CD box set 197671 24.99 € The limited digibook including the “Boatleg” bonus DVD (filmed on the “70,000 Tons of Metal” cruise) and a cheerful TANKARD gimmick, the inflatable “Girls And Cerveza First” beer crate - swim ring!

OUT: 11/30


Welcome to the morbid Reich MAILORDER EDITION

CD box set 186955 € 24.99 Limited to 500 boxes incl. VADER logo metal pin (approx. 4 x 2.3 cm) and numbered certificate of authenticity!

All items in green are new to the range.

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Telefon Telefo on / Phone :: +49 (0 (0) 0) 7 7162 1 928026 162 9 8026 Mon 92 Mon o - Fri Fri 8 8 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sat Sat 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. or / or Fax +49 (0) 7162 2 4556

Bundles: BULLET


Full pull CD-Digi + Patch 200657 Limited to 250 Digis incl. BULLET Patch!

17,99 €


Spiritual genocide MAILORDER EDITION

CD-Digi + trailer 207314 € 17.99 Limited to 250 Digis incl. Bonus tracks, patch and DESTRUCTION cartridge trailer! Release 11/23




Five serpent‘s teeth CD + 7 “EP 187761 Limited to 200 copies!


14,99 €


prov. illustration!


Few against many CD-Digi + TS XL CD-Digi + TS L CD-Digi + TS M T-Shirt (100% cotton)!

197518 197519 197520

19,99 € 19,99 € 19,99 €


Serpent sermon

CD-Digi + Army Cap 197146 23.99 € Limited to 333 Mediabooks plus embroidered MARDUK tank driver cap!


Fallen angels + Hammerhead 189966

17,99 €

LP 197347 Limited to 300 transparent LPs!

19,99 €

CD + 10 "MiniLP




Metal heart CLEAR VINYL


Back through time LIGHT BLUE VINYL LP 179805 Limited to 200 light blue discs!

14,99 €


The call BLUE VINYL LP 195820 Limited to 100 dark blue LPs!

16,99 €





Juggernaut of justice WHITE / BLUE MARBLED VINYL 2LP 181113 Limited to 300 white-blue double LPs!

19,99 €


Full pull RED VINYL 7 "EP

7,99 €




7,99 €

7 “EP 199725 Limited to 250 red and white singles each!


Relentless reckless forever GATEFOLD LP





13,99 €

Crimen excepta CLEAR VINYL

LP 194123 14.99 € Limited to 150 transparent LPs including vinyl-only bonus track "Night Of The Demon" (DEMON cover version).

18 8

DARK TRANQUILITY prov. Illustration!


The gallery BLUE VINYL 2LP 206080 Limited to 100 blue double LPs!

19,99 €


The minds I DARK GREEN VINYL LP 206074 Limited to 100 dark green LPs!

16,99 €


All hell breaks loose YELLOW / ORANGE MIXED VINYL

2LP 191598 19.99 € Limited to 150 hand-numbered yellow / orange mixed 180g double LPs (including the songs from the 1984 “Bestial invasion from Hell” demo) in gatefold including DIN A2 poster.


Spiritual genocide RED VINYL LP + 7 "EP 207313 Limited to 350 copies including bonus 7" EP! Release 11/23

19,99 €


2 20


21 1

Raise your fi st CLEAR VINYL

2LP 207164 € 19.99 Limited to 250 hand-numbered transparent 180g double LPs in gatefold including two bonus tracks and DIN A2 poster!

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Infection 1813 WHITE VINYL LP 178619 Limited to 250 white vinyl!

15,99 €


Doomsday for the deceiver NUCLEAR GREEN VINYL 2LP 191914 Limited to 250 green double LPs!

14,99 €


The demos NUCLEAR GREEN VINYL LP 202394 Limited to 100 nuclear green LPs!

14,99 €


Clash of the Gods BLUE VINYL 2LP 201100 Limited to 200 blue double LPs!

22,99 €



LP 207354 18.99 € Limited to 500 hand-numbered 180g splatter vinyl in gatefold with text sheet. Special vinyl mastering. Release December 21



31 prov. Illustration!


Lights out MARBLED

LP 207741 € 18.99 Limited to 500 hand-numbered 180g marbled vinyl in gatefold with text sheet. Special vinyl mastering. Release 11/23


The divinity of purpose WHITE VINYL 2LP 208615 Limited to 150 white LPs! Release 25.01.

19,99 €


De vermis mysteriis WHITE VINYL LP Limited to 200 white LPs!


16,99 €


Ride The Void CLEAR VINYL 2LP 208515 Limited to 150 transparent double LPs! Release 18.01.

19,99 €

Civilization collapse RED VINYL 7 "EP released 11/30.


34 prov. Illustration!

7,99 €


Civilization collapse WHITE VINYL 7 "EP released 11/30.





prov. illustration!

7,99 €