Is the Blue Planet Project real

The “Blue Planet Project”

Since 2006, ethecon - Ethics & Economics Foundation has awarded two international prizes every year: The Blue Planet Award and the Black Planet Award (formerly “Black Planet Award”). As part of the public award ceremony, guest contributions will be made on current topics in the area of ​​conflict between ethics and economics.
The International ethecon Blue Planet Award honors outstanding personal achievement for the protection and preservation of the Blue Planet, the International Dead Planet Award reviles shocking personal responsibility for the endangerment and ruin of our Blue Planet into a dead, uninhabitable planet.

The two prizes are the result of the bond between the world-famous ZERO artist Otto Piene and the ethecon foundation and are committed to caring for the preservation of the blue planet. After Otto Piene, other great artists such as the photo artist Katharina Mayer worked on the design of the “Blue Planet Award”, thus continuing Piene's idea.

Searching for and finding the annual winners, the annual awarding of the prizes as part of a ceremony with changing content in the context of responsibility for the preservation of a world worth living in - that is the “Blue Planet Project” by ethecon - Ethics & Economics Foundation '. In the spirit of ZERO artist Otto Piene and in cooperation with changing, committed young artists.

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You are welcome to download this brochure as a PDF, but you can also order a stapled print version from the ethecon foundation for a donation.
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The "Blue Planet Award"

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The "Dead Planet Award" (formerly "Black Planet Award")

Dead Planet Award 2019
Black Planet Award 2018
Black Planet Award 2017
Black Planet Award 2016
Black Planet Award 2014/2015
Black Planet Award 2013
Black Planet Award 2012
Black Planet Award 2011
Black Planet Award 2010
Black Planet Award 2009
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