People still wear monocles

Gallery monocle

Monocle fastenings from the 19th century:

The monocle was attached to either the vest or the jacket at the monocle buttonhole with a fine chain or cord. Nowadays this buttonhole is mostly still attached - only almost nobody knows why there is a buttonhole on the lapel of a man's jacket - the "monocle buttonhole". A monocle chain or cord consequently has a button for fastening. Another method that is very popular today is securing with a monocle chain or cord placed around the neck.


Unmounted monocle



We manufacture our unmounted (CR39) monocle glass with a high degree of deflection so that the monocle glass does not touch the eyelashes as much as possible. The mounted monocles are manufactured as standard spectacle lenses without excessive bending of the spectacle lens. On request, the framed monocle or gallery monocle can also be glazed with a strongly curved monocle glass for an additional charge.


We supply an unmounted monocle lens (with strong glass deflection) including your glasses strength, which is clamped directly into the eye socket, made of CR39 with holding grooves, monocle cord and leather case.


at the price of 91,00 €



Lens diameter and the required lens thickness can be specified under comments during the ordering process.