Who wrote Christabel


It's strange, maybe a little scary. Christabel, the beautiful daughter from the castle so far from her father's home. In the middle of the woods. It is dark. And we all know from fairy tales that this is not a good thing. Such a tender creature, all alone in the deep black forest. Because in the forest, there are the robbers! Enough of the clichés.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, together with William Wordsworth (the name was more than a program), is considered the founder of English Romanticism. And already we are back to a good measure of eerie, mysticism and secrets. Because the beautiful Christabel meets the exhausted but no less stranger Geraldine. With weak noises she reports of a kidnapping. There we have it: In the forest, there are the robbers! It is cold and the two graces are not dressed appropriately for the weather. Christabel decides to take the cold Geraldine with him to the castle. The lord of the castle, Sir Leoline, won't mind.

On the way, however, the shadows of the past already warn of a disastrous future. But in such a situation Christabel is open to it, but does not recognize the danger. Before going to bed, however, the supple Christabel also becomes a little different. There, on Geraldine's body, what is it? Christabel shudders at the night they will spend in bed together. If only it was the night that carries the big changes.

This poem is a poem! The unusual type of presentation - also in the English original - promptly puts the reader in the right mood. The story was written in two stages. The first part was finished in 1797. After a stay in Weimar, Coleridge completed his poem the beautiful Christabel in 1800.

For most of the people this is a forgotten text that has strongly influenced subsequent writers (generations). "Christabel" wafts a mysterious veil on every line, which the reader can lift. But the bride behind it has to endure a difficult fate. Not a face lit up with happy tears, rather grief and fear, perhaps even a little shame, this veil hides. Samuel Taylor Coleridge tinkers with his words until there is no longer any doubt that every letter is in the right place.

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