Will an abortion ruin my relationship?

"I had an abortion because I don't want to put a child in this world"

Hello Corona Virus,

I am sitting in the sterile waiting room of a gynecological clinic as I write these lines. I wear a breathing mask, like the five other women who sit here with me. What distinguishes the five from me is that you can already see their ball belly - and that they will be mom this year. The child I have in my stomach is only the size of a raspberry. I haven't seen his heart beat at the last ultrasound appointment, and I never will. I am the patient who was just admitted to the reception for an abortion, and frankly that itself is a bit of a shock to me. If I had been told a few years ago that one day I would have an abortion, I would not have believed it and would have vehemently asserted the opposite.

My daughter and my son were absolute dream children, I was incredibly happy to be pregnant and actually never ruled out a third child. If it weren't for you, you corrosive virus, maybe I wouldn't be here today. But when I held this pregnancy test with the two lines in my hands three weeks ago, we were right in the middle of this stressful everyday corona chaos that you have caused in millions of families. I've been working from home for more than two months from eight in the morning until two in the morning - whenever the children allow it. I'm through, thin-skinned, permanently stressed. Time for me? Nothing. The idea of ​​having a small screamer in addition to all the current challenges in the near future, which will also rob me of the few hours of sleep that I am currently getting, brought tears to my eyes and pain to my stomach.

I don't want to put a child in this world, this decision was made after a few minutes. My husband responded great. He said he was sad about it - but didn't question my decision. We had a date on January 13th. That day the raspberry would have been born had it not been for you.

Your Marie

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