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My episode recommendations are actually no longer up-to-date - I haven't had the chance to write them down for you since December. Fortunately, since they do not lose their topicality, that is not so bad. This time it's about writing books, film villains, hardware tinkering, pancakes, Silke Burmester, SeaWatch, rye bread and cheese, space pidgin, “pop drops” in current chart songs and film sound:

# 1 Blank: You can now hear me too // mp3 file // subscription link

Corinne Luca from Makellosmag won the Grimme Online Award with her blog last year. This is what she talks about in the first edition of her podcast, which is beautifully produced. In the future, you can accompany her in the process of writing her first book.

Image aftermath # 2: villains // mp3 file // subscription link

I know Juri and Nenad from the Podcasting Meetup Austria, this episode was the first I listened to. Your concept of grouping films under a certain characteristic - the worst villains here - I find pretty funny!

Juri and Nenad, the two nastiest podcasters the world has ever seen, got together to indulge some of their greatest role models in being bad. Acupuncture needles, terrorist clowns, poisoned pets and incest included. Before that, the two of them kidnap you into an apocalyptic desert world, as well as to a neighboring celestial body.

Aua-Uff-Code 12: Hardware projects with Matthias Bendel // ogg file // subscription link

Listening to Ouch-Uff-Code, I chronically lag behind, but also in this episode I once again learned things that I had never heard of before. Stefan and Matthias tell of a self-made Wiener Linien departure monitor, surveillance cameras in the bookshelf, heating monitoring and an old notebook that has been converted into a web radio suitable for blind people.

Gabelbissen 68: Pancakes // mp3 file // subscription link

Another one of the Viennese podcasters! And I've only now listened to an episode (the one here is from spring 2013), so I actually missed something ... Food podcasting instead of blogging works a lot better than I imagined! Thomas tells everything about pancakes and their European sisters and presents a recipe for savory gratinated pancakes.

Leitmotiv 032: About writing, an alleged speaking role, Planet Pussy and mother blues - with Silke Burmester // m4a file // subscription link

Finally another episode of Caspar Clemens Mieraus Lauberpodcast!

Over rattling teacups, I talked to the journalist, author and lecturer about her columns, her non-studies, her alleged speaking role in a thriller, the jury work for the Grimme Prize and Prix Pantheon, Planet Pussy and her recently published book “Mutterblues”

Metrolaut 26: Maritime Rescue // mp3 file // subscription link

The topic of escaping across the Mediterranean is just disappearing from the media, but unfortunately the problem is far from being solved. The experience reports of the two sea rescuers really make me doubt the EU border “protection” strategy.

Ruben Neugebauer from Sea-Watch and Steini from SearchWing explain how sea rescue works and how humanitarian organizations can overcome the extreme challenges of sea rescue in the Mediterranean with the help of technology. The sea rescuers themselves are becoming more and more the focus of European politics, which want to completely seal off the continent against escape - and see the lifesavers increasingly as a disruptive factor.

The Splendid Table 621: Cheese Girl // mp3 file // subscription link

I don't really like radio broadcasts anymore since I've been listening to “real” podcasts. But this American show covered such great topics that I still want to recommend it to you. It's about wine, rye breads in Europe (very interesting!), The difference between US and German Christmas bakery and cheese. The eponymous Cheese girl he even made it from Mongolian horse milk.

Lingthusiasm 01: Speaking a single language won't bring about world peace // mp3 file // subscription link

Gretchen McCulloch from All Things Linguistic and Lauren Gawne from Superlinguo talk super-neatly about language, e.g. why they find Esperanto sexist, or a kind of space pidgin developed on the ISS. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not particularly good.

Gretchen and Lauren discuss the “one language equals peace” fallacy, and whether speaking the same words means that people will necessarily agree with each other (spoiler: no). But the history of how people have tried is still really interesting, from constructed and symbolic communication like Blissymbols and emoji to the way astronauts communicate in the high stakes environment of the International Space Station.

Switched on Pop 43: Pop Drops and Chipmunk Soul // mp3 file // subscription link (via Real Virtuality)

Also a new podcast discovery that found its way onto my list of regular listeners. This episode is about the alienation of voices after the chorus of pop songs - practically everyone who is at the top of the Billboard charts.

A strange syndrome is wreaking havoc on the voices of our biggest pop stars. From Rihanna to Justin Bieber, no one is safe from having their beautiful vocals chopped up, screwed down, repitched and repurposed. As dance music takes over the charts and new software grants vocal manipulation at the click of a button, this uncanny production technique has become nearly ubiquitous.

Twenty Thousand Hertz: What Makes up a Movie Soundtrack? // mp3 file // subscription link

tl; dr- it's not the music alone (does the abbreviation actually also exist as tl; dl for audio ..?)

When you think of a movie soundtrack, you probably think music. And sure, that's one of the many, many things going on there. What else goes into making a scene sound “natural”? It isn’t what you’d think. Meet a major motion picture sound designer who unpacks all the layers of sound that go into your favorite movies and a woman who gets tigers to sing… on tape. Featuring Sound Designers, Chris Aud and Ann Kroeber.