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Welcome to the first issue of KSA News!
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Brand new and full of vigor, a girl group dares to start the tough everyday idol in August. NATURE is the name of the 8 young girls who have the stage names Saebom, Aurora, Lu, Chaebin, Gaga, Haru, Uchae and Sunshine.
Debut song: "Allegro Cantabile"
Entertainment Studio: n.CH Entertainment
I would describe this group as “girlish and cute” using the genre “pop”. Her debut song "Allegro Cantabile" is a love song that focuses very much on a girl's point of view. The point is that she cannot have the boy of her dreams and thus describes her sadness in this song, which you would not guess from the melody because it is full of happy tones. With their soft voices and the almost exaggerated music video, the matching outfits and hairstyles, they have definitely won over fans.
D-Crunch (Diamond-Crunch) is a hip-hop group with 9 members: O.V, Hyunwook, Hyunho, Hyunoh, Hyunwoo, Minhyuk, Chanyoun, Dylan and Jeongseung.
Entertainment Studio: All-S Company
If you like to listen to new school rap and hip hop, this group is the right place for you.
The MV is kept very simple, but still very expressive. The members are unfortunately not that easy to recognize as it is very dark throughout the video.
On the one hand, the song should introduce D-Crunch itself and on the other hand it should show that this group stands above everything and lives in a “palace”.
Cherry on Top is a girl group with 4 members: U, Ian, Yoonseul and Naye
Entertainment Studio: United Creative
The debut song of “Cherry on Top” is basically about a meeting between a boy and a girl who is excited and cannot stand still. You could say that this experience is a highlight of her whole life for the girl. The only irritating thing about the song is the giggling at the beginning, otherwise the song is very well produced with its fast beat and beautiful melodies in the vocals. The MV is very colorful and has a certain 80s vibe. The dance break also makes the video even more exciting.
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"Villain", which means something like "villain", is the name of the native Korean who celebrates his debut on December 9, 2016. At the age of 21 he is already widespread in Korea as a solo artist, but he is not only successful on his own. Villain, whose name is Lee Daeun, is part of a group called “Alphadict” that focuses heavily on hip-hop and RnB and thus reflects its own genre with 8 other artists.
Comeback song: "Manitto" from the mini album "Bank Robber"
Label: Planiterium Records
His song “Manitto” is clearly about money. His secret friend, so to speak, which already explains what "Manitto" means and means. The music video is very simple, because you can't go wrong with the dilapidated location and the dark colors. For the whole 3:30 minutes you didn't see a real person either, but only a masked man with a large shoulder bag, which should reflect the money in person, so to speak. He also succeeded in this EP. Hats off!
August 2nd


Update August 1st: BTOB-BLUE published teaser photos from their comeback!

BTOB-BLUE, the sub-unit consisting of BTOB's Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik and Yook Sungjae announced that they will make their very first comeback after their debut in 2016!

On July 30th, the group released a soulful lyrics teaser for their new digital single: "When the rain falls"

The lyrics that appear in the form of a text message on a cell phone say: "When the rain falls, when it falls on my heart, I think about our last night together ... I thought when the rain stops, when my tears dry up, I wouldn't think about it anymore ... But I still think about you "

The text message

In the background: BTOB-BLUE

"Vromance" is a four-piece boy band consisting of the members Junhhyun, Hyunkyu, Chandong and Hyunseok. If you listen to their songs, you can already imagine that they are more oriented towards pop, especially the “love pop” line.
Comeback song: "Star" (Released as a single)
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
As soon as the music starts and you see the first pictures of the video, you know that this is not a happy song. The melody sounds sad and hurt, which can be said without a musical ear. The song "Star" is about a former couple who broke up. The male character describes his memories of his ex-girlfriend and how much it pains him that he doesn't hear from her, let alone knows what she's doing. This song is especially good if you are in a breakup yourself. You can understand the feelings exactly and understand the pain of this song.

➳ Ikon

At first it was said that Ikon would make a comeback on July 17th, but it turned out to be a mistake: the comeback will take place on August 2nd.

The mini album will be a continuation of the previous albums. Together the three minis make a whole: "New Kids" (New Kids: Beginning, New Kids: Return, New Kids: Continue)

The very first teaser picture:
Over time, more and more hints and teasers about her comeback were circulated.
The title track "Killing me" was written by B.I. What makes the song stand out is the lyrics: "It's a different genre than the music we've produced so far. It's an exciting song, but the lyrics are sad and show loneliness. The song is like an answer to a letter."
August 2nd

➳ Seo In Young

Jewelry ex member Seo In Young is back with a new music video!

On June 3rd, she released a music video for her love song "In Your Arms", which she and her co-star are on a romantic road trip. The lyrics of the song describe how happy she is and how comfortable she feels when her love is around her.
Seo In Young debuted as a member of the Jewelry group in 2002 and later made her solo debut (2007). She left Jewelry in 2009 and started her own business in 2012. This year she signed with Star Empire Entertainment, and this is her first track after coming back to the public.
"Mind U" is a group consisting of two members. Jaehee who works as the vocalist and Godak who takes over the producer. Her songs are based on the genre "Indie folk and RnB" which you can clearly hear.
Comeback song: "All alone" feat BrotherSu
Label: Starship Entertainment
It's about his feelings. You can already read that in the title "All alone", which reflects the whole song in two small words. He feels alone and cannot understand why he is still alone among all the people, although he is satisfied with himself and can accept himself. Personally, I can generally identify well with this lyrics as well. I'm certainly not alone with this feeling.
"Stray Kids" is an eight-member boy band who have worked their way into the hearts of their fans called "Stay" with the hip-hop genre. Part of the group are Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, Woojin and In.
Comeback song: "My Pace" from the album "I am WHO"
The video, as well as the song, are both very powerful and hip. The location is in a kind of garage, where there are also cars, tires and the like, on which the eight guys move to the song. The dance steps are adapted to the beat, which makes the whole thing look even better. In the text you can see that it should be a kind of motivation to love yourself. They sing about how okay you are and that it is okay to take things slower than others.
The girl group "Red Velvet" has not only recently become trendy. The five girls named Irene, Wendy, Seulgy, Joy and Yeri have already reached the top and are almost adored by their numerous fans.
Comeback song: "Power Up" from the mini album "Summer Magic"
“Let's Power Up!” Is the motto of her song “Power Up”, which should convey to people that they can have fun and also enjoy their freedom as long as one has it. The rhythm and beat are very summery and cheerful so that you get a real summer feeling. The sweet concept of what Red Velvet is recording is not for everyone, but if you are not allergic to the sugar-sweet voices, this is a good song to sweeten your day.
Loona posted a group photo: the group is ready to fully debut!
On July 31, the girls' group posted a teaser of their lead single online. The title of the song is "favOriTe".
The text that was uploaded with the photo means something like: "Just stay where you are, I'll be there."
The group Loona is a 12-member group under Blackberry Creative Entertainment. They had a worldwide fan base even before their debut. This is thanks to their projects, which the members presented individually in a music video. These projects started in 2016.
DIA (abbreviation for "DIAMOND" or "Do It Amazing") is a girl group consisting of 8 members.
On August 9th they had their first comeback, which has already been postponed twice. Presumably the postponements were so that they could revise their album to include Yebin.
Her fourth mini album "Summer Ade" contains 8 tracks with her title song "Woo Woo", composed by Shinsadong Tiger.
On August 14th, the duo MXM, also known as Brand New Boys, released their first studio album "More Than Ever".
After their two mini albums "Unmix" and "Match Up" and their double single "Rematch", the album "More Than Ever" is the last of the MXMs "Mix - Match - More" series.
Her album is available in two versions: "MORE" and "EVER"

Track list of the new album

In addition, MXM will have their first solo concert in South Korea from September 29th to 30th.
The six-member girl group called (G) I-dle is already aiming high after their debut with "LaTaTa". With the members Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Yuqi and Shuhua they are one of the more successful newcomers on the market.
Comeback song: "Hann" (was released as a single)
Label: Cube Enterteinment
With their comeback they met the taste of many. The chosen concept is more dark and mysterious than their debut concept. The song is about the fact that a person has to be prepared to see them again. That you'd be better off alone. The whole music video is very nicely structured and retains it until the end. Every single outfit is also well coordinated, which makes everything even better than it already is. I would say totally successful!
On August 1st, the duo released a colorful teaser picture and announced their comeback with their second mini album "Bout You". All comeback photos and the MV were shot / filmed in New York.
Super Junior D&E, consisting of Donghae and Eunhyuk, debuted in 2011 with their single "Oppa Oppa". Their new mini album is the first Korean release since their first album three years ago.
BTS came back with their new album "Love Yourself 結 'Answer'". The album features both new and old songs that address the question of how self-love is the key to moving through life and relationships.
The album contains a total of 26 song titles, spread over two discs and is available in four different versions (S, E, L and F).
The special thing about this album: The collaboration between BTS and Nicki Minaj.
According to an article published in Seoul business newspaper, after taking Answer, BTS contacted Nicki Minaj, who eventually accepted the invitation.
Earlier this week rumors surfaced when someone posted a video on Instagram looking for the song "IDOL" on Shazam and Nicki Minaj's name came up.
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Hyuna and E’dawn have officially been dating for 2 years!
On August 3rd we received this incredible news: Hyuna and E’dawn are officially together! And that for 2 years! But opinions on this relationship differed greatly: On the one hand, the international fans were totally happy that a new pair of idols had emerged, on the other hand, the Korean fans were very shocked and totally frowned upon this relationship. As a result, the sales figures of CUBE Entertainment also fell sharply (but are now increasing again ...?). As a result, Triple H's promotions were immediately interrupted and E’dawn was not allowed to participate in the other fan meetings and other Pentagon activities. Many fans feared that E’dawn would be completely banned from the Pentagon.

The sales of CUBE Ent. from July 24th to August 14th.

We now know that E'Dawn and Yanan (also a member of the Pentagon) are taking a temporary break in their activities. How long do we not know.
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The Origin of the Korean Language

Did you know that the Korean language is the 13th most widely spoken language, spoken by more than 70 million people? But where does it come from anyway?

Chinese characters were used for a long time. These sounds are still used today, only they are now called Hanja (한자). However, the Chinese writing system is very complicated and difficult to learn, which is why few of the general population were able to read and write. As with many other cultures, this was more of a privilege of the upper classes. To change this, King Sejong (세종) developed a standardized and easy-to-learn alphabet in 1443 with the help of some officials. The basic consonants are based on the shape of the mouth and throat during pronunciation. As soon as you have mastered the basic consonants and vowels, of which only 24 of the originally 28 are used today, you can actually read everything except for the Hanja symbols.
With the introduction of this alphabet, which is called Hangeul (한글), the people were given the opportunity to express their opinion in writing. It also made it easier to implement renewals in agriculture and arable farming.
Hangeul Nal (한글날) is celebrated in Korea on October 9th. In addition, the Korean language is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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