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Unicorn Magic - Not Just Social Media Hype

You really can't overlook the unicorn hype. Every few weeks a new unicorn product shoots out of the fairy tale floor, and the trend shouldn't be over by now. Most recently, Starbucks launched its Unicorn Frapuccino, and at the end of last year it was the Ritter Sport Unicorn Chocolate that received a great response. Unicorn products are usually limited or offered as special editions, which in turn increases the appeal of these hard-to-reach objects of desire. But how did the unicorn trend come about in marketing and the social web and why is everyone raving about it? For today's blog post, I therefore attached myself to the hooves of the unicorns and spied on the unicorn hype.


From the social media trend to reality

The white horse with a colorful mane and spiral horn on its head, often depicted with rainbows, stars and glitter, has been a phenomenon on the Internet for years. It plays on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest #unicorn or. #unicorn currently a big role, is loved and liked in tons. If you want to have fun, you can do your own Unicorn names create or find countless DIY instructions for cakes, drinks, costumes and more. On Instagram and Pinterest are brash and cheeky Unicorn sayings shared, which are particularly popular with women, such as “Born to be a unicorn!”, “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” or "I solve my problems with glitter." And there’s already one on Watchado job“Unicorn breeder” for those who want to commit themselves to years of searching for unicorns and their reproduction.

When you on Google Trends If you enter the term “unicorn”, you can see that there has been a continuous interest in unicorns for several years, which in 2016 increased again slightly. Then at the end of last year the unicorn chocolate from Ritter-Sport came onto the market as a special edition and interest in unicorns exploded. The pink chocolate hit the nerve of the times, since then the hype has passed from the virtual world into the real world and more and more unicorn products are coming onto the market.


Ritter Sport “Einhorn” - Clever social media strategy

At the end of 2016, Ritter Sport achieved an ingenious marketing coup. To the Unicorn Day on November 1st The special edition “Unicorn” came onto the market after customers had repeatedly created their own varieties with unicorns and glitter on the company blog. The chocolate maker had realized that the unicorn theme was very popular on social media and therefore produced a limited edition. The special edition made of white chocolate, yoghurt and raspberry casis rainbow was exclusively on the Internet marketed: on the Ritter Sport blog and on Facebook. After less than a day, the 150,000 or so tablets with the slogan “Square. Magical. Good ”sold out, the manufacturer was surprised by the independent viral distribution of the product. Classic media then reported extensively on the phenomenon.

Unfortunately that changed Hype to hysteria, when the webshop was soon inaccessible and left an angry community behind. A Shitstorm was the result and prompted Ritter Sport to re-produce it. Unfortunately, the webshop did not keep up with the enormous demand this time and resulted in an even bigger shit storm (if you want to read it more closely, see this post on the Convensis blog). Learning from the chocolate debacle: Never underestimate the power of social media.


Like in the magical world - strictly limited and "only for a short time"

Last has Starbucks fueled the trend again with his strictly limited “Unicorn Frapuccino”. The drink changes its color from pink and blue to purple as well as the taste, should first taste sweet and fruity, later pleasantly sour. The Frapuccino was only available in the USA and only for a few days in April. The drink should have around 410 calories, consist mainly of various syrups and be very complex to produce. If you want to try out what the drink tastes like, you can try making it yourself: You can already find instructions on how to make it yourself, for example from YouTube user “emmymadeinjapan”.

In Austria There is no unicorn frapuccino at Starbucks, but the unicorn tea from Sonnentor. The fruit tea blend, which at least “didn't harm any unicorns” during its production, has also been available in limited quantities since January. The Viennese bakery Linauer & Wagner has already jumped on the trend and offers a tartlet with a unicorn look. In Graz there is a dedicated unicorn parking lot at the Murpark shopping center, at least as long as the foil lasts. One hears again and again about various other unicorn products, which by their nature have not been on the market for long: shower gels, sweets, toilet paper, stationery and much more, not to mention stuffed animals and children's toys. The Limitation makes it clear that having a unicorn is something special: After all, not everyone can have a unicorn!


Unicorn magic makes us dream and wander

Unicorns are magical. They are very special animals: invincible, gentle and unique. Unicorns stand for freedom and self-fulfillment, live in a world far away from worry and anger. The mythical creatures are said to have magical powers, their drunk blood is said to make immortal. They are colorful and glittering, cute, make you happy and let us indulge in carefree childhood memories. In times of crisis, many people have an inner desire for magical parallel worlds that offer the possibility of a short exit from reality. No wonder that current world situation is fueling the trend. True to the motto: “If your life is annoying, sprinkle glitter on it!”.

Unicorns are shy creatures. They appear and disappear again. I'm curious how long the hype about the unicorns will last ...


Limited: My unicorn wall on Pinterest

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