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No. 1138, Feuilles de Sauge

Une planned utilisée non seulement dans les infusions mais également dans la cuisine. Frais, ... plus
Une planned utilisée non seulement dans les infusions mais également dans la cuisine. Frais, citronné, astringent. (click on the image)
Cette infusion se boit toute la journée, sans modération.
Feuilles de sauge.

5 g d’infusion aux plantes (approx. 9 mesurettes) pour 1 liter d’eau filtrée bouillante; laisser infuser 5 à 10 min.
Lire, écr. et débatt. of the analysis ... plus
Evaluation of clients for "Feuilles de Sauge"

Also tastes very good and is beneficial

for a cold / sore throat there is nothing better for me. Just does well and relieves pain.

in the evening, relaxing and delicious

Delicately lemony with a bitter finish - not only a nice enrichment in terms of taste ...

Use the tea to treat inflammation in the mouth area, healed after 3 days, great quality

Delicious and good for a sore throat.

Sur:1 févr. 2016

Helps wonderfully with sore throats and coughs, I always drink it with a lot of honey.

A must during the cold season. But also \ Nfor inflammations in the throat and pharynx \ nBest suitable.

Healthy for sore throats and stomach pressure.

Very good and refreshing!

Sur:26 févr. 2015
Sur:20 févr. 2015

Delicious! Good for a sore throat.

Sur:21 dec. 2014
Sur:18 dec. 2014

Sher good tea. Recommended for colds!

Always recommended, even if you have a cold

Highly recommended as a tea for everyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their health with a cold sore throat or just as a spice. The quality seems to be very good.

Good for menopause, I order for friends.

I love this sage tea. In contrast to what is otherwise known from the pharmacy, this sage tea tastes pleasantly mild and spicy. I drink daily.

I just drink this tea or use it as a mouthwash for gum problems.

Sur:18 dec. 2013

The sage tea is very beneficial for sore throats and colds approaching. It would be very nice if the Latin name would be on the packaging since there are over 100 varieties.

I drink 2 liters of tea every day, also as a cold drink. I can only recommend.

Very good quality. I use the sage leaves for inflammation and stomach problems.

Use it as a tea or as a mouthwash (for inflammation)

a wonderful drink with honey. i particularly appreciate the slightly astringent effect. \ n often use the dried leaves in the kitchen as a seasoning for veal.

As tea and as a steam bath. \ NThe quality is very good.

Excellent home remedy for gargling with a sore throat!

Use the product mainly to treat colds and throat diseases. A great remedy from mother nature. The leaves are dried as a whole and are very aromatic.

Great quality and great taste!

for internal and external use for inflammation and gastrointestinal problems.