What is the largest sand desert

The ten largest deserts on earth

Published by Statista Research Department, May 21, 2021
With an area of ​​14 million square kilometers, Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. Deserts are extremely dry areas that have little or no vegetation due to the drought. These are extremely hostile regions. The Antarctic is also characterized by very low amounts of precipitation, which also mostly reach the ground in frozen form - as snow - and can therefore not be absorbed by plants. Just like the Antarctic, the second largest desert in the world, the Arctic, is a polar or ice desert. In addition to polar deserts, there are, for example, subtropical deserts (Sahara), inland deserts (Gobi desert) or cold coastal deserts (Patagonian steppe).

Difference between dry space and desert

In the technical language one says that deserts are in arid areas. A natural area is considered to be arid if evaporation exceeds precipitation over a longer period of time. The