How does Reddit compare to Digg

Reddit: the front page of the internet

News and online social media are closely related. Regardless of whether it is Twitter or Facebook, users in both large networks like to share messages, pictures and videos frequently and frequently. Reddit has its own network that focuses almost exclusively on this function: The focus here is not on profiles and users, but on the links they share. That is why the network describes itself with a wink as "the front page of the Internet".

What exactly is Reddit?

News is the focus at Reddit - but the term "news" can be stretched: In addition to breaking news and political developments, entertaining and funny posts are in the foreground. Pictures, animated GIF files, videos, and memes are especially popular. Strictly speaking, this makes Reddit more of a panorama page than the front page of the Internet.

Nevertheless, the platform has an important status in the social media world - especially in the USA, the home country of Reddit. There the platform is among the top five most visited websites - right behind Google, Youtube, Facebook and Amazon. Reddit has more than 330 million users worldwide. Investors estimate the platform's value at $ 1.8 billion.

The network is divided into many independent topic pages, so-called subreddits. For example, there is a department here called “Ask Me Anything”. In this subreddit, celebrities appear and answer questions from the community. This is what US President Barack Obama once did in the 2012 election campaign, and numerous stars did the same.

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But Reddit isn't just a place for shallow entertainment and breaking news. Over the years, controversy has also increased. In 2013, for example, a group of Reddit users tried to determine the identity of the gunmen who ran the Boston Marathon - and immediately accused an innocent man.

Most recently, subreddits from the right-wing political spectrum in particular attracted attention and cast the entire platform in a negative light. Reddit's big challenge is the balancing act between the freedom of speech of the users and the responsible handling of hate speech - a problem that occurs more frequently on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The rapid rise of Reddit

Reddit's idea isn't new. Similar networks existed even before the platform was launched in 2005: platforms such as or Delicious also tried social news and social bookmarking. However, these two competing platforms have no comparable relevance these days.

Reddit's rapid success made investors curious in the early days. Just sixteen months after founding Reddit, the publishing house Condé Naste Publishing bought into the social news platform. The two-man start-up has developed into an independent company with 230 employees.

This is how Reddit works

A free user account is recommended for using Reddit. With it you can subscribe to subreddits, exchange messages, post comments and also rate contributions. However, this is not necessary for simply reading Reddit - unlike, for example, on Facebook. After logging in and subscribing to subreddits, you can find them in the drop-down menu next to the Reddit logo.

At the center of Reddit, however, are the user contributions. You can create a post using the "Create Post" function on the start page or the pencil icon in the navigation bar.

The editor allows you three types of contributions. You can create a simple text contribution in the text editor. You can format this and add images and videos to it. There is also a separate picture or video contribution. Alternatively, you can share just a simple link. In the upper drop-down menu, select the destination for your posting. This can be your subscribed subreddits or your own profile. Then the posting will appear in the news feeds of your Reddit followers.

Reddit is also about interacting with user contributions. In this way you can rate the postings of other users. With the arrow up you help the posting to attract more attention. The more points a post gets, the higher it lands in the respective subreddit. Particularly popular postings even end up in the “Popular” subreddit. The down arrow reduces the popularity by one point. Every Reddit user can get or lose karma points as a result. You are also allowed to comment. You can also share the postings as links. You save particularly important posts in your account.

There is also a message function. You can find your private messages with the envelope symbol in the upper right corner. There are various subcategories waiting in the inbox, such as unread messages, replies to comments or mentions. You write new messages using the recipient's username, a subject and the actual text message. You can only send elaborate pictures or videos as a link here.

You can also chat on Reddit - you can even chat with multiple users at the same time. You can open the chat function via the speech bubble symbol in the navigation bar. The chat is also rudimentary and rather functional. With these two functions, Reddit does not compete with classic social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.


In addition to browser navigation on the Mac, Reddit also offers its own mobile app. You can use the most important functions of the site on the iPhone and iPad. Posts from your subscribed subreddits appear in the news feed. There are also other tabs for news and popular postings. However, the news tab focuses on English language sources. You can adapt the individual categories of the messages.

Private messages and the chat function are also included in the app. Creating new postings is particularly practical. With the app, you can share your own videos and snapshots even faster. However, the text editor lacks the website's many formatting functions.


Reddit is an exciting alternative to established networks like Facebook or Instagram. Similar to Twitter, this is less about people and more about content. This makes Reddit as meaningful and useful as you make it yourself. So if you are actually looking for social news, you will find it here. In addition, Reddit is the ideal way to pass the time. Entertain popular posts in particular. Those who dive deeper will find communities for almost all imaginable hobbies in the respective subreddits.

Reddit is predominantly a platform for the English-speaking area. In the USA in particular, the network is one of the most popular Internet sites of all. However, around two percent of Reddit users and readers come from Germany. Therefore, there is also a German-speaking community on Reddit.

The biggest subreddit to this is probably / r / de. There are postings from German-speaking countries. The popular “Ask Me Anything” format is also available as a German branch under / r / de_IAmA. Football fans will find their own subreddit on the football league under / r / Bundesliga. But not only German, but also English are posted here. If you want to help non-native speakers learn, subscribe to the subreddit / r / German. This is primarily about learning the German language.

However, the navigation of the website and the app is also completely in English.

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