How do I get a GTR

Amazfit GTR How do I get watch faces from the iPhone to the watch?

Franco said:

Problems can be solved better together, but I should know what I'm writing. If I explicitly ask for a solution with an IPhone and get unqualified answers from people, it annoys me. Why do I shout an answer when this is not at all used to find a solution. It doesn't get any further if, for whatever reason, I just write something so that6 I have written something ....................

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If you follow a few postings from me here (I only recently registered and am active in the GTR topic) you will see that I am not just writing to write something. Especially not unqualified. Well ... is always in the eye of the beholder.
I am happy to help, have already been able to clarify 2-3 questions and have dealt quite a lot with the watchface topic in the last few days. This does not mean that I am the guru or that I have an answer to all questions.
You had reopened the topic and I gave you a link where 2 things were described that work. Use the Amazfit App + to store data in the folders and the N&F App.
Shortly afterwards I noticed that you were also asking there. Hence my edited note.

As far as I know, the Amazfit app also works on the iPhone. Correct? So you installed that? Correct?
Then the variant containing the data should also work. I couldn't have guessed that you've obviously already tried this. Still the question ... what didn't work or how have you tried it so far?
What I can imagine (caution, assumption) that the folders described in the instructions are not available
Android / data / / files / watch_skin_local directory
Because it's an iPhone. There will be nothing with Android. So in the filemanager huamisearch or watch_skin_local directory
You don't have to accept it or try it now, I can be completely wrong and the problems lie completely elsewhere. Then ignore it and wait for it, hoping someone with an IPhone has already done it successfully, or give some more information.
Or you invest a few minutes of time, try one or the other, read a tip and, if necessary, this is the solution to the riddle.
Vlt. also not, but then you tried it and users with similar problems know about it.

Conclusion: I don't have to write here to generate a few postings, but try to convey what I have acquired in the last few days to others, in the hope that it will help them.