What is the symbolism behind the wings

Wings = a symbol of care, providence, speed

from AHS: "200 Biblical Symbols"

Wings = a symbol of care, providence, speed

"You have seen ... how I carried you on the wings of an eagle", God had said to his people in Ex 19: 4, and in De 32: 10-12 Moses describes the gracious providence and wonderful care of God with the words: "He He (Jacob) found him in the land of the desert and in the desolation, the howling of the wilderness; he surrounded him, watched over him, guarded him like the apple of his eye: as the eagle breaks up its nest, hovers over its young, spreads its wings to receive it, to carry it on its wings: so the Lord guided him alone, and no strange god was with him. "

The golden cherubim were supposed to cover the atonement lid of the ark with their wings (Ex 25:20 - Ex 37: 9 - 1Ki 8: 7 - 2Chr 5: 8), a glorious example of God's caring faithfulness, who guards and administers everything. Boaz, this fine example of the redeemer of Christ, says to Ruth that she has come to seek refuge under the wings of God, and the holy singer prays in Ps 17: 8: "Save me in the shadow of your wings!"

In the Psalter we read exquisite testimonies about the wings of God. Let's look up quite a few:

  • Ps 36: 8 "Children of men take refuge in the shadows of your wings."
  • Ps 57: 2 "I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until perdition has passed."
  • Ps 61: 5 "I will take refuge in the protection of your wings."
  • Ps 63: 8 "I will rejoice in the shadow of your wings."
  • Ps 91: 4 "He will cover you with his wings, and you will find refuge under his wings."

In the description of the glorious chariot recorded in Ezek 1 and Eze 10, we read a lot about wings that are an image of providence and speed. The speed of the enemy of the Edomites is also indicated by wings in Jer 48:40 and Jer 49:22. In Mal 3:20 Christ is called the sun of righteousness with healing under her wings, and in Mt 23:37 the Lord breaks out into agile lament: "How often have I wanted to gather your little ones as a hen gathers her chicks under hers Wings, and you did not want! "

That the creature's unwillingness is nevertheless overcome can be seen from the important little word "to" in the verse after the next. How could the defiant will of a creature be stronger and triumph over the all-perfect love of the Creator! It is good for us that we are not only sheltered as poor, trembling little people under the wings of God, but also assume the position of Christ as sons and form the object of the bliss and pleasure of our Father of glory!