How old is Levi from AOT

Levi Ackermann

- Status: Alive

- Age / birthday: early 30s, born on December 25th

- Size: 1.60m.

- Weight: 65kg.

- Moments assignment: reconnaissance troop - corporal

- Titan Kills: Solo: 33, Team: 1

- His name means "devoted to the covenant" and comes from the Hebrew.

- Levi likes to drink black tea and collect tea leaves

- He can take a lot of alcohol without getting drunk

- He only takes 3 minutes to shower

- He only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day

- Since Levi sleeps so little, he sits on an armchair while he sleeps

- Levi once wanted to open a tea shop

- His blood type is A. In Japan, blood types are used for horoscopes. According to StackExchange, Levi gets along well with people with blood group AB. In this case Hanji Zoe

- Levi has what is known as a Fuji hairline. This means the alignment of his hair on his forehead, which is a dominant gene that must be inherited from a parent

“Give up your dream and die with honor. Take these young recruits straight to Hell. "
- Levi to Erwin -

"It seems that I am a farmer too. So ... how do you really feel about my mother? "
- Levi to Kenny -

"Why did you leave me then?"
- Levi to Kenny -

"The only thing we can do is believe that we don't regret the choices we have made."

"That's just my personal opinion, but when it comes to discipline, pain is the best teacher."

I don't know which option to choose. I could never advise you ... No matter what wisdom dictates which option you have to choose, no one will be able to tell you whether the right or wrong decision led to a certain result. "

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