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8 successful practical examples for passive income

In our Kickstart book you will get an insight into eight exciting success stories that have built up passive income in a very short time with their own business. Before that, they took part in the Grü Kickstart Coaching. In the 3-phase coaching, Thomas Klußmann and the Grü team personally accompanied the participants to their own online business for 12 months. In our book “Kickstart: Passive Income”, eight selected coaching participants tell their personal success story. In addition, the book contains a quick start guide with which you can build up a passive income of 1,000 euros and more per month yourself. Even if you have no experience in online business.

Passive income book with lots of bonus material

But don't worry: As with our Kickstart coaching, you don't need any prior knowledge or technical know-how for the book. Because it is written in a simple and understandable way - from practice for practice. In addition to helpful tips and tricks on the subject of "online marketing", the following bonus material awaits you in our Kickstart book:

  • Your cash flow dashboard to track your passive income
  • Business Model Canvas of our co-authors: Take a close look at their strategies
  • Your Business Model Canvas: Plan your business using a tried and tested model

Our practical passive income book also includes one Voucher for a 30-minute strategy discussion worth 297 euros. All of the co-authors of the Kickstart book went through such a strategy discussion. In this phone call with one of our head coaches you will find out what your next steps to a profitable online business could be. We work on your challenges as a team so that you can advance your online project quickly.

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In our limited promotion we are giving you the 2nd edition of our passive income book with eight success stories from our Kickstart coaching. We don't want to earn a cent with this campaign, but would like to ask you to contribute to the production and shipping costs with a small flat rate of € 4.99. The regular retail price is 29.90 euros.