What is C programming 1

Prof. Dr. Jan D├╝nnweber

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The contents of the lecture Programming 1 include the investigation of elementary
mathematical problems (e.g. from analytical geometry and numerics),
as well as the formulation of algorithms to solve them
in the programming language C.
The participants are systematically introduced to programming using the example of C.
Basic concepts of software design,
dealing with rudimentary and complex data structures,
as well as the use of tools like gcc, gdb, valgrind
and other programs under Unix (Linux).
Individual programs generate simple graphical outputs and use them for this
the Unix standard library X-Windows.
The use of this library (including linker flags, Makefile etc.)
is just as fundamentally introduced as the creation
user-defined libraries (using ranlib & amp ar).
Further topics are:
Expressions & instructions, scope, selection, functions, iteration & recursion,
Divide & Conquer, arrays, lists, matrices, graphs and hashing.
No previous knowledge is required, as there is a large amount of material
and the pace is correspondingly high, the preliminary course in Mathematics & Computer Science
Recommended to all students for preparation, especially to those
who have not yet programmed at all (or only a little),
and those who want to brush up on their basic math skills.

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Tue 11: 45-13: 15 in U411 (lecture)
Tue 13: 30-15: 00 in U511 (exercises, group 1, IN1a, IT1a)
Fri 10: 00-11: 30 in U311 (lecture)
Fri 13: 30-15: 00 in U314 (exercises, group 2, IW1)
The exercises are repeated for the individual groups, i.e. it is sufficient a of the groups to visit!
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