Music apps Spotify or Google Play

The best music apps for Android and iOS at a glance

Google Play Music

Google Play Music largely joins the other apps in the streaming world and scores with huge selection of music. The biggest disadvantage is that very few players have direct access to Google Play Music. In terms of data protection, the platform does not perform optimally either, as the data protection provisions are not particularly customer-friendly. However, the recommendations and the search function are very good.

Amazon Music

In June 2017, according to Statista, Amazon Music had 12% of the global market share with 28.2 million users. In terms of handling and other factors, Amazon Music is also very similar to the other providers. However, there is no free trial version, but a trial period that ends automatically. You can pay by credit card, direct debit or invoice. You can pay Spotify via credit card, PayPal and cell phone bill. You can purchase additional music on Amazon Music. Another important difference is the number of music tracks. Spotify has around 30 million tracks, Amazon Music over 50 million - a significant difference. You have to decide for yourself whether you really need it. Spotify and Deezer also show music videos that are not available on Amazon Music. Even with the musicStreaming quality Amazon Music vs. Spotify only has 256 kbps compared to 320 kbps. A major disadvantage is that you cannot discover other users' playlists. There is also a maximum number of custom playlists and you cannot share playlists with friends. The ratings of the quality of the playlists and the selection are also worse than Spotify, but are still in the good range. That's why there are lyrics in karaoke mode, unlike Spotify, for example. Amazon Music is compatible with fewer smart TVs and hardly any audio / streaming systems. If you value it, you should check very carefully whether your own device is included.

More exciting gadgets for music on your smartphone

Shazam is a free app that enables you to identify music that is currently playing. To do this, she analyzes recorded Audio sequences. If you have Spotify, you can open a recognized song directly in Spotify, should it be there. Read more about music recognition apps in the article Recognizing Music on iPhone: How It Works.


SoundHound works in a similar way to Shazam. The entire company focuses on language and music and offers a variety of products. SoundHound also lets you recognize music, so you can quickly find the music you're listening to.


If you are looking for exciting, new music or are a musician, you should definitely deal with SoundCloud. Audio files can be exchanged here and Soundcloud becomes a Advertising and cooperation platform for musicians. With their profiles they upload music of all genres, so you can listen to music and podcasts for free. Here you can create playlists of your favorite music, save songs and follow the artists you find interesting. Mainstream is not trendy here.