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Architect temperament (INTP)

  • Share in the population: 1%
  • Well-known INTP architects: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie

Of all types, architects have the highest degree of precision in thinking and speaking. They mostly notice quibbles or inconsistencies. Most aptly one could describe the architect as the creator of thought models as well as of actual buildings. This type is the least common in the population.

Architects are the logicians, the mathematicians, the philosophers, the scientists. Any activity that requires the structuring of ideas is of interest to this type. However, one should not ask architects to carry out or use their models in reality. Architects create models, but leave the building and practical application to others. Therefore, the achievement of architects is often not seen as their merit. Those responsible for the practical work achieve fame and fortune, while the name of the creator of the idea remains largely unknown. The work of architects is often only recognized after their death or their work will never leave the bookshelf and thus be lost to posterity.

Architects are rarely writers or salespeople. However, they are excellent teachers, especially for upper-grade students, although they are not always the most popular as they can be strict work instructors. They are less suitable for office work and have little stamina in routine detailed work. They prefer to do their work in peace and quiet and without interruption and often alone. If a company wants to make use of the talents of an architect, it should be provided with an efficient workforce. He must be able to absorb the thoughts and ideas of the architect before he loses interest in them and devotes himself to other topics.

Dream jobs for architect INTP
  • Computer scientist
  • IT system electronics technician
  • Information electronics technician
  • Electronics technician for machines and drive technology

Dream degree for architect INTP
  • architecture
  • Computer science
  • mathematics
  • physics
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Note: Description is based on "Understand me please - Character and Temperament Types" by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates.