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semantic (German) [edit]


Word separation:

se man table, No increase


IPA: [zeˈmantɪʃ]
Audio samples: semantically (Info) semantic (Austria) (Info)
Rhymes: -antɪʃ


[1] Linguistics,Semiotics: concerning the semantics; according to the meaning


[1] meaningful

Opposite words:

[1] grammatically, syntactically

Generic terms:

[1] linguistically


[1] auto-semantic, synsemantic


[1] Semantically seen the phrase "The river shoots the hare" is nonsense.
[1] What you said is syntactically correct, but semantically it doesn't make sense.
[1] “Various linguistic approaches have made the claim with a universal one semantic To work descriptive vocabulary (...). "[1]
[1] "In addition to the orthographical and phonetic ones mentioned, we also come across morphological, semantic and syntactic problems of the most varied kinds, which stand in the way of an exact definition of the word. "[2]
[1] "…; be indiscriminate with him semantic (synonymic and antonymic, hyponymic and hyperonymic), word-forming and grammatical relationships established. "[3]
[1] “The capture semantic Proximity therefore seems appropriate in relation to the investigation of paronymous couples / groups because of similar questions of the semantic Delimitation exist as in synonym research. "[4]
[1] “I've always had this for a kind of semantic Trapped, but when I drove through my own country, I was no longer so sure of it. "[5]

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