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Digital identity

We have passed into the age of digital transactions. Even if you may not even notice it, your organization is already dealing with digital identities on a daily basis.

Every time you exchange goods or services with other organizations - e.g. customers, suppliers or partners - your company is involved in digital transactions. The main focus in a digital transaction is often on the content of the data: the value of what is being exchanged.

But the actors who come into contact with each other to complete the transaction are just as important - and this is where digital identity comes in. Digital Identity is about answering three key questions: Who are you? "" Can you prove that you are who you say you are? "And" Now that we know you really are, what can you do? "

At INNOPAY we offer advisory services on various aspects of digital identity, including:

  • Onboarding: Read here how you can make a great first impression and create the basis for a digital identity
    Digital trust: Read here how to build a leading digital organization to exploit the potential of digital identities.


Digital identity is primarily about the real identity that is represented by the digital identity, and not just about organizations that offer services for that identity. By combining the customer perspective with company requirements, INNOPAY approaches digital identity as a two-sided market, taking into account the importance of network effects and incentives for the service providers in the network. Through co-creation, prototyping and other collaborative tools, INNOPAY brings together all relevant stakeholders for your specific situation and works together to design the best solution for everyone involved.

Our expertise covers all phases of the implementation of digital identity concepts on the market: design, development, implementation and improvement of digital identity solutions. Whether you are a single company, an industry association or a consortium of public and private organizations, INNOPAY can offer you advisory services for everything to do with digital identities.

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