What is the formula of barium chloride

Barium chloride dihydrate

formula BaCl2 2 H2O
CAS number 10326-27-9

GHS symbols      
GHS classification criteria Acute toxicity, oral (Category 3) Acute toxicity, inhalation (Category 4)
Signal word danger
H-phrases H301 H332
P-phrases P313 P330
Written H-P phrases Hazard statements: H301 Toxic if swallowed. H332 Harmful if inhaled. Precautionary statements: P312 Call a POISON CENTER / doctor if you feel unwell. P330 Rinse mouth.
Storage condition Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place.

Hazardous substance symbol (historical) T
R-phrases (historical) 25

UN number 1564
Hazardous goods classification (ADR)6.1, III
LGK 6.1 D
Water solubility
Solubility in H20 [g / l]