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integrated reservation function

The free function 'Yelp Reservations' for business owners and their customers in Germany is now available on the online review portal Yelp. For the first time ever, Yelp users have the option of reserving a table in their favorite restaurant directly via the Yelp website or the Yelp app with just a few clicks. Customers can request a reminder via SMS and postpone or cancel their reservation.

The new reservation function can be of great help to travelers in particular: if, for example, a tourist in Germany has discovered an exciting restaurant using his Yelp app, he can reserve a table there directly, even if he does not speak the language of the country. Together with the recently introduced Bing function, which translates customer reviews into 15 different languages, the Yelp app becomes a practical travel companion.

Business owners can easily add Yelp reservations to their Yelp profile for free. All they have to do is go to their business owner page, check their email address and fill in the number of tables or appointments available. The tool for locations from the Yelp categories 'Restaurant' and 'Nightlife' is ready to use and online in just a few simple steps. In addition, business owners can download a free widget with which they can integrate the Yelp reservation function on their own website.

All reservations then come together as notifications in the Yelp Inbox. Then all you have to do is keep track of appointments and make customers happy. For more information on incorporating Yelp reservations, business owners can visit the Yelp Business Owner Blog.