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The future of leadership

“The future of leadership” - the title of this volume might seem daring at first glance: The volume does not end a discussion about the “future of leadership”, but stimulates and opens it.

What will managers have to deal with in the future? What competencies will managers of the future need? How do you approach this "future"?

A look at research and practice shows that well-tried management concepts are still in use, but are "getting on in years". Examples are the behavior grid by Blake and Mouton (1968), the 3D model according to Reddin (1970; 1978), the situational leadership theory according to Hersey and Blanchard (1977) and the contingency theory of Fiedler (1967). These models are around 40 years old on average.

These are the idea and the starting point for the volume: Over 30 authors explain how they see the past, present and future of the leadership.


Leadership Innovation Complexity Management Change
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About the editors

Prof. Dr. Sven Grote, born in 1967, studied psychology in Marburg, worked as an organizational developer in an automotive company. Worked for over two years in a management consultancy specializing in personnel. 1997-2006 research assistant at the Institute for Ergonomics at the University of Kassel. Work and research focus: Competence measurement, development, management, personnel and organizational development, leadership, training and transfer, group work, teams, operational change processes, process support. Since 2007 professorship at the University of Applied Management (50%) and work as an independent management consultant.

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