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Siempelkamp in the ASEAN countries: Siempelkamp established a presence in Singapore as early as 1979 - the result of the first business cooperation in Southeast Asia. Almost 40 years later, Siempelkamp Pte. Ltd. Singapore Wood-based panel producer in the ASEAN countries with new systems, spare parts and services - and has sold around 45 systems in this market. What success stories did plant operators and their German partner have on their way? We spoke to Henning Gloede, who has been on site for Siempelkamp in Singapore since 1992.

The success story of Siempelkamp started in the late 1970s with the first Southeast Asian deals in the Philippines and Thailand. It was therefore clear that the Siempelkamp presence in this part of the world had to be strengthened. In April 1979, Germapore Machine Manufacturer Private Limited ’was founded in Singapore - a company in which Siempelkamp held 50% of the shares.

When the economy in Asia was booming in the 1980s, the demand for panel products, especially in the furniture industry, grew rapidly - and with it the demand for Siempelkamp press concepts. Four more contracts in five years were the result. So it was only natural that Siempelkamp took over Germapore completely in 1982 and from then on ran its own business in Asia. In 1989 Siempelkamp Pte. Ltd. Singapore founded under the name known today. The business area covers all ASEAN countries with a focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The focus was on serving the rapidly growing demand for wood-based panels in Asia with new Siempelkamp production facilities. With the world's largest wood reserves from natural forests and rubber tree wood from equatorial plantations, the potential in this area was great. “These 'new' species led to pioneering developments at Siempelkamp and thus to the groundbreaking first use of the rubber tree for the production of MDF, which set new standards in the industry,” reports Henning Gloede, Managing Director of Siempelkamp Pte. Ltd. Singapore. The intensive development work and the experience gained from the first systems with this new type of wood secured Siempelkamp a place in the front row in the wood-based materials industry in Southeast Asia. To date, Siempelkamp has sold 45 systems there.