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San Francisco Caltrain Station

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railway station

Mission Bay, San Francisco

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San Francisco Caltrain Station

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remember to call for opening times in advance and avoid contact with others

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  • The guy who runs the concession stand at this station exudes so much positivity that everyone goes away smiling. Quite a cool example of how we can all be and the effect it would have on the world.

  • Monthly clipper card people! Don't forget to tag on and off at the beginning of the month. They do give two refunds back every six months but it is much it is much easier to tag.

  • Pretty sure this station was designed and is run by a bunch of toddlers. It's the most disorganized big city train / subway station I've experienced.

  • Don't forget to day off. It could cost you a lot more to travel if you have the Monthly Pass or the 8-Ride ... One of these days, Clipper will come up with a better way.

  • What to do on new train: 1. Exit window 2. Power outlet 3. Table for laptop 4. Shade side to avoid sun left side south bound in evenings and left side north bound in mornings

  • Don't be an ass. If you are alone, don't take the two seats facing each other and put your feet up on the other seat

  • There is something about taking the train from an train station that makes it feel like the olden days.

  • If you get the Caltrain monthly pass on a Clipper Card you only have to tag on / off once a month.

  • Spatial awareness, people !! Please watch where you tote your oversized backpack, read you slam it into a sitting passenger's face!

  • Commuter tip: if you sit on the top level in the morning heading south, sit on the right side to avoid being blinded by the sunrise.

  • If you're not familiar with Caltrain, don't worry. It's simple. It will tell you what zone you're in and zone of your destination. Simply pay for what zone you're going to.

  • Monthly clipper card people! Don't forget to tag on and off at the beginning of the month. They do give two refunds back every six months but it is much

  • There are quite a few bike placement micromanagers. Remember to smile when they provide guidance on where to place your bike.

  • When sitting in the double facing seats. The person there first gets first right to sit the way they want.

  • if you miss the train, panera has faster free WiFi and more comfortable seating and is quieter than the creamery, but if you want tech gossip, wait for the next train at the creamery

  • Don't sit on the right side of the train going southbound. It gets pretty hot sitting in the sun for an hour.

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  • In the mornings sit on the west side of the train and when coming back in the evenings sit on the east side. Otherwise you risk being sweaty and blind when you arrive.

  • The side where you don't see people going is typically less full, more comfortable, and more pleasant. Don't be a sheep, try something different and move away from the pack!

  • Try and get here at least 10 mins early during game day .... or u will definitely miss the train..esp ppl who have to take the baby bullet .. !! it gets crazy crowded. .

  • Please don't merge individual trains into this venue. Individual trains are legitimate venues per foursquare.com/info/venueguidelines - "Ok: ... Subways, buses, and trains ...". Safe travels! -Tantek Learn more

  • The seats up top directly behind the double seat have the least amount of leg room on the train!

  • If you have some time to kill, grab snacks at Safeway across the street or Philz Coffee a couple of blocks away.

  • I think the machine that reloads Clipper Cards runs on a landline with a dial-up connection. If you're planning on reloading your card before a trip, leave yourself plenty of time.

  • Citybike share has a huge rack right outside, grab a bike to anywhere in soma or fidi instead of fighting the bike crowd

  • Ticket dispenser only takes cash and credit cards - no debit cards - but there's an ATM.

  • Get here with some time to spare. Caltrain people always check Clipper Cards when there's only a minute before train departure.

  • Safeway shop near to station. Nice place to buy a drink and some food before the road.

  • Use a coat hook to hang your bag - no more heavy bag sitting on your lap or putting it on the rack - easier to manage your stuff

  • Put a tag on your bike and try and put it in the crate that is going where you are going or begins those getting off before you.

  • Pay attention because there's a different schedule for weekends

  • If you are using your ClipperCard to start here, make sure you tag off, for heaven sakes, because it is a very expensive charge from this location $ 12.75 ....

  • Cyclists: If you don't have a destination tag, ask other cyclists where they are getting off the train and position your bike with other bikes that are going to or near your destination.

  • All the trains leave on time, exactly as scheduled. That extra ten minutes of sleep is NEVER worth running after and jumping onto the train Indiana Jones style. Especially in heels.

  • Train on time? The Industrial Internet connects intelligent data to locomotives, jet engines, and other machines, helping customers cut costs, save fuel, and boost efficiency. Learn more

  • The Caltrain staff is super nice! They are very good at informing passengers about the stops they're taking and times.

  • The coveted power supply seat in the old train! upper level between 6-7 seat!

  • Share my aversion for the droves of drunk dudes? Ride in the bike car. Seating is sparse and too spread out for bro-borg collective.

  • If you purchase your monthly pass from the clipper card machine at this station, you don't have to tag on and off on the first day of the month.

  • Get to the station early, especially during rush hour, or you may have to stand.

  • The bike car in the new trains has power outlets and enough space between seats to sit opposite someone you aren't dating #progress

  • Do not cross the tracks when the gate is down like some other people. You have to cross the tracks on a sidewalk to go north to San Francisco so arrive early.

  • They need to add a third bike car for limited-stop trains. Caltrain won't let your bike on if the two bike cars are full and there is plenty of standing room for non-bicyclists.

  • Take a minute to look around inside before you rush to the trains. It's a beautiful station.

  • Home of creaky, loud and, particularly egregiously, slow trains. If you've ever enjoyed (proper) train service in Europe or Asia, give up hope. Or lobby your government.

  • Don't forget to tag on and off! Otherwise you'll be charged for the entire ride!

  • For a charge while cruising the peninsula, look for outlets on the second story of the old trains near the middle of each car.

  • Need a car for a day or a couple of hours down the way? Go to @getaround to rent one of those waiting next to every Caltrain station. You'll have wheels in 5 min

  • No feet on the seats please; (you walk in dirty places and no matter how clean you think they are, they are still dirty.

  • Be on time. Watching the train pull out as you arrive is heartwrenching

  • One seat on each side of the upper level has power outlets!

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