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Amazon Prime Video secures Champions League rights

Amazon Prime Video is groping its way further into the sports sector. According to various media reports, the online giant is said to have secured part of the broadcast rights for the 2021/2022 Champions League season.

That means further competition for DAZN and Sky Sports as well as possibly further subscription costs for the fans.

The new rights package is to run for three years and the entry of Amazon Prime Video shows the growing interest in live events in sports. The current distribution and broadcast between Sky and DAZN according to a complex key presented the fans with a tricky task this season. Those who wanted to see the Reds and J├╝rgen Klopp could consider themselves lucky that the much cheaper provider DAZN broadcast all the games.

UEFA offered multiple packages for live broadcasts, as well as timely summaries and even the final as a stand-alone package. Amazon Prime Video is known as a streaming platform in Germany, but so far no live events have been streamed (with the exception of the audio stream of the Bundesliga). The online shop giant secured the package for the top games on Tuesday evening in Germany.

It is not yet known who has acquired the other Champions League rights in addition to Amazon Prime Video, but should soon be made public. DAZN and Sky Sports will certainly not like the deal. Surely the streaming service from Amazon will now also apply for the football Bundesliga rights.

In Great Britain, Amazon Prime Video has secured 20 Premier League matches for live broadcast since this season and shows weekly summaries. This development met with harsh criticism from many fans and operators of sports bars. Location operators are already facing major challenges with all subscriptions and the increased costs. One can only guess at the moment what effects this will have on German pubs and the consumer behavior of fans.



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