How does scalp micropigmentation help with alopecia

What exactly is MHP (micro hair pigmentation)?

Scalp pigmentation - optical hair thickening without surgery

The scalp pigmentation or micro-hair pigmentation, abbreviated MHP, is a non-invasive treatment method for hair thickening, in which special color pigments with different needle sizes, angles, pigment colors and distribution rates are applied to the scalp in order to restore a receding hairline, for example on receding hairlines, thinned hair make diffuse hair loss appear thicker or hide scars. Micro hair pigmentation is a highly developed form of cosmetic pigmentation. The needles used for MHP do not penetrate as deeply as with other techniques. And no conventional tattoo inks are used for this treatment, only tested and certified pigments are used.

What is the process of scalp pigmentation?

Before the actual treatment, all aspects of the MHP treatment are explained in detail in a detailed discussion with our hair experts. The actual treatment is usually carried out over several sessions with an interval of at least 4 days. After about a year, the pigmentation is refreshed if necessary.

How long does MHP treatment take?

The time required for an MHP treatment varies depending on the number of pigment points required and the size of the area to be pigmented. If only the receding hairline is to be corrected, the treatment is much shorter than with pigmentation of the entire head. The treatments take about 3 to 5 hours, depending on the area to be compacted.

Is micro hair pigmentation painful?

Most patients describe the feeling as a kind of "prick". This feeling usually subsides in the course of a treatment and is not comparable to the process of a conventional tattoo. There is usually no long recovery period after scalp pigmentation. A slight reddening of the scalp can last between 24 and 48 hours.

Is MHP only suitable for men?

Women who suffer from hair loss and want to thicken the scalp can also use the advantages of scalp pigmentation for optical hair thickening. The micro hair pigmentation provides an optical hair thickening and is ideal for hiding places where the scalp is visible.

If you are bothered by your receding hairline or if you want hair thickening in the event of hair loss - give us a call! We're here to help.

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