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Translation of "crucial point" in French

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This is also true for the Union of crucial point in all discussions about possible relaxation of the sanctions.
C'est là le point decisif, également pour l'Union à l'heure de discuter d'une any possible modification of the sanctions.
That's the crucial pointthat we have yet to discuss.
That's the crucial point for our vote.
That's the crucial pointand I ask that we vote on it.
this is the crucial point in the dispute between Parliament and the Council.
C'est le point essential de la controverse entre le Parlement et le Conseil.
That's the one crucial point.
That's the crucial pointthat this is about.
That is why, in my opinion, this financial question is the crucial point.
C'est pourquoi cette question financière constitue, à mon avis, le point decisif.
That's the crucial pointand that is the question we are facing now.
I think that crucial point is precisely that we have to reduce the noise level from these pleasure craft.
Je crois que c'est le point decisif et nous devons baisser le level of the émissions sonores des bateaux de plaisance.
The crucial point - Mr Patten has already mentioned it, and I thank him for the positions he has advocated - is China.
Le point crucial, et M. Patten l'a dit, je le remercie pour les positions qu'il a défendues, c'est la Chine.
So this is the one crucial point, on which Rambouillet was not a success either.
À cet égard, c'est ce point decisif qui a provoqué l'échec des négociations de Rambouillet.
That's the crucial point; there would be war, again with a multitude of victims.
Tel est le point crucial: la guerre éclaterait, avec son lot habituel de victimes.
But the crucial point is that energy efficiency, energy saving and the use of alternative energies in our economic systems must be profitable from an entrepreneurial point of view.
Corn le point decisif c'est que dans nos systèmes économiques, l'efficience énergétique, les économies d'énergie et l'utilisation des energy alternatives doivent être payantes pour un entrepreneur.
Hence the crucial pointthat one can turn off these questionable tissues and tissue parts in any case.
Le point decisif est donc que l'on peut de toute manière éliminer ces tissus et parties de tissusproblemématiques.
The crucial point for this remarkable change was the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6, 1840.
Le point decisif pour ce changement considérable fut la signature du traité de Waitangi le 6 février 1840.
That's a problem, and I think it may be crucial point.
And the crucial point is, as the Commissioner said, the opt-out, the non-application Parliament wants to abolish this clause.
Aussi, comme le commissaire l'a dit, le point crucial, c'est l 'Le Parlement souhaite mettre un terme à cette clause.
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