What exactly is the internet


'Internet' is the abbreviation for the English term 'interconnected networks'. That means 'interconnected networks'. Because the internet connects computers, tablets or smartphones around the world like a spider web. In this way, they can exchange data with one another: For example, texts, images or videos. And with the help of this network you can surf the Internet, send e-mails or chat with friends.

Who invented the internet?

In the 1960s, American scientists developed a new system for exchanging data and information: They networked the mainframes, which are particularly fast computers, from four different universities over the telephone line. This network grew slowly, however, and only a few users were able to share information - because computers functioned differently in many countries. It was not until 1989 that the Englishman Tim Berners-Lee invented a 'language' that all computers could understand:. With the help of this language, texts, images and videos on Internet pages could soon be displayed correctly on all computers. A large network of interconnected sites quickly emerged: the 'World Wide Web', in German 'worldwide network'.

Many possibilities - many dangers

Around four billion people around the world now use the Internet. In Germany, more than 90 percent of young people are regularly online: They chat, post photos, stream videos or look for information. Whether cooking recipes, fan sites or computer games - you can find almost everything on the Internet. But be careful: not everything that is written there is true or right - after all, everyone can publish anything they want on the Internet. So you always have to look very carefully where the information you are looking for comes from. And there are other things to watch out for on the Internet: You have to be particularly careful on chat sites. Sometimes adults sneak in there to molest children. That's why you should never reveal your real name, address or phone number when chatting with strangers. But it is not only there that you have to be careful: computer viruses can spread all over the world at lightning speed through the Internet.