Is it ever good to be fooled?

Are you being fooled by Google’s idea?

Google carousel format for text ads

The latest idea from Google Ads is a "carousel" format for text-based ads on mobile devices. Specifically, this means that the user has the option of scrolling from left to right and not just up and down in the paid ads.

Google has not yet officially announced when or whether a new ad format will appear at all. So, over time, we'll see if the new format will be something we can look forward to from the marketing industry. Tests have already been spotted indicating that Google is working on a new format.

Though only speculation and rumors circulating, there has already been thought about what will happen when such a format is added to the search engine. It could show more ads in the top positions than just the four ads at the top of the first page that are currently available. So far, Google has been very successful with the Google Shopping format. Currently, however, these ads are only available when a product is served as an image ad.

... but is it a good idea to use this format for text ads?

Users are usually visually oriented, so it is by no means certain that swipe-only text ads will be as popular and successful as it was on Google Shopping. With the “carousel” the ads appear at the top of the page. This means that ads that were previously placed below are now more accessible to consumers. To us as advertisers, that sounds like a huge profit.

It is easy to imagine the user feeling like they are still getting the best results, instead of scrolling down and seeing the “less relevant” results.

Google prefers product improvements that make users even more satisfied and that also help increase the return on search queries. Everything is still uncertain - but if Google officially decides to use the new ad format, then we have something completely new to look forward to.

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