How long does a Rihanna concert last

Rihanna concert in Leipzig: In the pink tank to the show battle

RnB star Rihanna shows a spectacular show and her body to the masses in the Leipzig arena. Possible social criticism is drowned in the fog of the stage.

Rihanna: a lot of bare skin, packed into a big party in a family-friendly way. Image: dpa

If this is anything, it's sex. Around the perfect model body, around bare skin, family-friendly packed into a big party. Rihanna, world-famous singer from Barbados and currently on a world tour, does everything a big pop show needs. Even Thomas Gottschalk, who is also providing entertainment just a few kilometers away, would be amazed.

In the best Saturday evening show fashion, the stage in the Leipzig Arena lights up, brightly dressed dancers hop around happily and in sync. A long-haired guy plays electric guitar solos underlaid with fat beats, kissing mouths, war scenarios or optionally Rihanna's likeness appear on the six canvases.

She herself comes and goes. The 23-year-old singer disappears into the ground in different ways, drives onto the stage in a ball in order to fly up, suddenly hits a drum kit in the middle of the audience or lolls on the edge of the stage. With all this she usually doesn't have more than a bikini on, but she changes it more often. If she wears a long dress or a suit in the almost two-hour show, it doesn't take long before one of the people dancing around tears it off her body. Or she'll do it herself. She grabs her crotch at least as often as Michael Jackson did during his lifetime, lets himself be tied up by black leather playmates, brings an unsuspecting girl from the audience onto the stage to fall upon her straight away, with strangers' hands leading their own breasts before they sink into the ground together.

She's no slouch

A woman who has sold over 30 million albums to date is not spoiled for choice. The RnB pop star comes back on stage in the pink tank, all dancers now dressed in army uniforms that only cover crucial parts of the body. Here in the good-humored Saturday evening world, war can also be sexy. The cannon barrel pumps steam into the crowd, the screen shows pictures of street fights, then Rihanna again, who sings: "Yeah, yeah, Im so hard".

If any of this goes in the direction of social criticism, the message will not get through. If the Unicef, and sometimes charity campaign supporter, has something to say between the songs, it is above all the word of the evening: "Leeeiiiiipzig!" This is followed by howling from over 12,000 mouths. Rihanna jumps off the stage, shakes hands, and lets herself be hugged. The audience is thrilled.

The main thing is sexy

Many are here with their families, pre-pubescent boys and girls should have their first concert experience on this evening, with mom and dad. At the entrance, a cosmetics company offers "free Rihanna tattoos", which eager employees give fans in Bravo extra- Rub style on her forearms. You can also have an edited photo of you and Rihanna taken.

Outside there is grilled sausage, bottle collectors crawl in the way of those pushing in. Festival mood. Couples have come, best friends, almost more than groups of men, boys with accurately gelled iros are in the front row. Most can sing along to the songs. Hits like "Umbrella", "Rude Boy", "Only girl (in the world)". Rihanna's career includes some No. 1 hits worldwide, "Loud" is her current and fifth album, and the tour that goes with it is arguably her most visually spectacular.

While her last tour was shaped by the incidents with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who beat her, what the press cannibalized and the artist themed in stage sets like crushed hearts, today more than ever the focus seems to be on spectacular fun. The main thing is sexy. And it doesn't matter that she had to cancel two shows because of the flu. The show must go on.

Rihanna gives everything, now lolling on a piano that hangs in the air. With all of this she also sings. She can do that, as the four-time Grammy winner has proven in collaborations with Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and, most recently, Coldplay. And that doesn't sound bad live either. Just that nobody cares. At least not as strong as her long bare legs.