What are some recommended tools for the user manual

General guidance

You can now start with data protection management.


We recommend starting with "Audit / questionnaire TOM".

Here, the individual technical and organizational measures are queried and automatically assigned warranty targets from the standard data protection model.

You can assign the individual measures to an area of ​​responsibility (see master data / departments).

You can use the “Audit report selection” form to generate a result report (data protection degree) with evaluation.

You should save this as a PDF in order to document the respective improvements over time.

In preparation, you can also just have the questionnaire displayed.

The process documentation is carried out in the area "Procedural documentation“.

Start by determining which procedures are "inactive". Procedures that will probably never be used can be completely removed using the "Delete" symbol (to the left of the procedure name).

Then generate a report "Process overview" and on this basis have the employees responsible for the process report back to you by the person responsible (management).

Now you can send the person responsible for the procedure a registration form (see also Meldebogen.pdf) in order to query the information for each procedure. Telephone or on-site support may be necessary in some cases.

After you have entered the reported information, you can evaluate the individual procedures.

The report "Process overview_STATUS" provides the most important information as well as a color display of the status of the process.

Over "Quick edit_print selection“Both the group assignment and the persons responsible for the procedure can be conveniently processed using the table. Here you can also specify which processes are to be taken into account in the printout.

Over "Process for data protection impact assessment DPIA"You can generate a corresponding template for the responsible office. The DPIA is to be carried out by the person responsible and not by the data protection officer. This is to be consulted by the person responsible. In the Comments / Opinion field, you can professionally evaluate the result of the person responsible.

The area "Data transfers“Records the transfer of data to processors and third parties. Here you can enter the respective assignments. The "Data transfer overview" report gives you an up-to-date overview of the status. You can note and evaluate the status of the negotiation and review of all data transfers.

The area "Order processing“Records the processing of data in the order. Here you can enter the respective client. The “Order processing overview” report gives you an overview of the current status. You can note and evaluate the status of the negotiation and review of all orders, in particular the deletion of data upon completion of the order processing.

You can find further reports, in particular separately for external (e.g. in the case of an inquiry by the supervisory authority) and internal, under "Procedural reports“.

About the area "Master data / ex-import“You can easily import data via Excel.

Usage instructions, FAQ and copyright

It is a free beta version for testing. This does not make any claim to the full functionality and correctness of the information.

Do you think that the beta version is sufficient for productive operation? We think so too, with the aforementioned restrictions.

You are welcome to license a price-value beta version.

However, a full disclaimer of liability remains here. This tool is a supporting tool and does not release the data protection officer and / or the person responsible from having to check the documents, procedures and documentation themselves.

The reference to “BETA version - for test purposes” is removed from the licensed version.

The copyright notice on “(c) moers / werning” remains.

We look forward to your feedback on the beta version, how it works, and receive suggestions and ideas.

The current version is available for a one-time price of 299 euros plus VAT.

But I can also use the BETA version without paying?

Sure, but then you got quite a lot of bad karma points. You have to live with these bad karma points and data protection nightmares.

We think the version makes work easier and is worth the price - that is, inexpensive.

However, we would like to make the version available in full for testing and take the risk that the version will be used “just like that” ... then we don't have any bad karma points

But again clearly:

If we discover an inadmissible use / distribution, such as the removal of the usage and copyright notices or even a distribution / sale of the solution or parts thereof (e.g. questionnaire, forms, etc.) in our own name, we reserve the right to take legal action and claim damages in front.

Questions, suggestions, criticism and wishes?

It's a pleasure. We are looking forward to it.