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German Trade Union Confederation

Resolution of the 19th DGB Federal Women’s Conference 2017

Equality is a fundamental right and is not negotiable!

With more than two million female members, the trade unions in the DGB are the largest representation of the interests of working women in Germany. We work in different professions and bring our experience to bear in trade union work. Many of us raise children, look after relatives and do family work every day. Many of us have had to interrupt or reduce our workforce as a result. Numerous colleagues are involved in and outside of the trade unions on a voluntary basis. Some were able to rise to management positions; others benefit from the statutory minimum wage.

We know which hurdles women have to overcome when the pay is not right, the working hours do not suit life, the glass ceiling prevents the ascent. We are your mouthpiece!

Whether old or young, with or without a migration background, from West or East Germany, we are all united in the struggle for actual equality between women and men, which the Basic Law promises. Equal participation in working life, equal wages for equal work of equal value are the unifying goal of the trade union women's movement.

We women in the German Federation of Trade Unions are committed to thisthat women have the same chances of a self-determined life with economic independence as men! Wherever women are denied these opportunities, we are active - with our demands on the legislators in the federal and state governments and with specific proposals in the companies and departments. We fight for equal pay and for more women in management responsibility.

We women in the German Federation of Trade Unions are committed to thisthat women and men do both paid and caring work! Employees who take on work and responsibility in the family and thus important, socially indispensable tasks deserve better financial and structural support. We aim to redistribute paid and unpaid work between the sexes. Because in a modern society there is no place for a man to have a privileged position.

We women in the German Trade Union Confederation are in constant dialogue with a wide variety of decision-makers from politics and business and do persuasion in many places. We forge alliances with like-minded people and gain new comrades-in-arms. At the same time, we respect other opinions - even if we think they are wrong. But we will not allow right-wing populist, racist, xenophobic, sexist or chauvinist statements to be made socially acceptable under the guise of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression ends where discrimination begins.

We women in the German Federation of Trade Unions will not allow thisthat the denigration of gender policy heralds a setback in equality policy. We oppose a backward-looking image of women and families with a modern gender equality policy and a contemporary concept of family. We resolutely oppose right-wing ideologies that serve resentment and want to force women out of working life. Right-wing extremist ideas and anti-feminist attitudes have no place in a democratic society.

We emphatically defend our political goals against the cold wind from the right. We call on the new federal government to keep the promise of the Basic Law: "The state promotes the actual implementation of equality between women and men and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages." Equality is a fundamental right and is not negotiable!