Who is your favorite TV villain

Character Quiz: How Much Maleficent Are You?

There are really nasty bad guys at work in these Disney movies:

Alice in Wonderland: After many years, the now 19-year-old Alice returns to Wonderland, a fascinating place beyond imagination. There she meets many extraordinary characters such as the mad hatter, the white and red queen, and the white rabbit.

Cinderella: The young Ella, who grew up in good circumstances, lost her mother at an early age and from that day on she lived with her loving father, a wholesale merchant. Trying to see him happy, she welcomes his new wife, Lady Tremaine, and their daughters into the family.

Peter Pan: Adventure. Sword fights.

Snow white: After the queen's death, the king takes a new wife. His beautiful daughter Snow White arouses the envy of the vain woman and she forces the hunter to lead Snow White into the forest and kill her there.

Tarzan: Jungle-born Tarzan is raised by apes. One day he discovers the hut of his deceased parents and learns the truth about his past and his origins.

The Jungle Book: The young Mowgli is separated from his family after an incident and from now on is alone in the Indian jungle. However, he soon finds refuge with the wolf mother Rakcha, who raises him as one of his children.

101 Dalmatians: Fashion designer Anita and computer game author Roger meet by chance. The two Dalmatian friends fall in love and don't waste time thinking.

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