How fast is the tide coming in

Malibu Rapids (British Columbia) - Malibu Rapids (British Columbia)

The Malibu Rapids form the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet and are also connected to Jervis Inlet. The tidal flow of both inlets runs through this narrow and shallow passage, which creates fast moving (around 9 knots or 17 km / h) and strong tidal rapids during peak currents. At low tide, the entrance is practically flat and calm, similar to the Skookumchuck Narrows near the entrance to Jervis Inlet.

The way to determine the direction of tidal flow on the straits is to observe the direction the tide is flowing. When the tidal current goes towards Jervis Inlet, the tide goes out (ebb). But when the current moves towards Princess Louisa Inlet, the tide comes in (high tide).

The entrance is big enough to let maritime traffic through. The narrow passage is defined by Malibu Island and a System B side navigation buoy on the Jervis Inlet side and Malibu and the mainland on the Princess Louisa Inlet side.


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