How is Bill Gates doing as a businessman

Microsoft Founder: Escape Forward and Back to the Roots: Bill Gates: Ingenious businessman and guru of an entire industry

At the age of 19 he founded the company Microsoft, whose software marks the microelectronic horizon for many computer users today. More than 30,000 people work for sein worldwide

Imperium. 90% of all computers are equipped with Windows, the most important branded product launched by Microsoft.

In 1994, Gates married Microsoft's director of marketing, Melinda French. They now have two children - three year old Jennifer and baby Rory John.

When Gates called a media conference on Thursday evening (local time) at the company's Redmond headquarters near Seattle, the journalists were expecting news about the antitrust proceedings with which the US

Authorities are trying to trim the software giant's monopoly position.

But the head of the company had a tangible surprise in store - his partial withdrawal from corporate management. Gates handed over responsibility for the day's work to his longtime

Partner Steve Ballmer. Although he made it clear straight away that he would remain Chairman of the Board of Directors himself, it seemed like half an abdication.

The bang goes well with this man who is considered gifted, hyperactive and authoritarian. Gates has never cared what is expected of him. When he was studying at Harvard

Tired of it, he and Paul Allen founded Microsoft at the age of 19. Then he set about purchasing software for MS-DOS that had been bought for $ 50,000 from a programmer

which he licensed to IBM in 1980. Six years later, Microsoft went public. A share cost $ 21 at the time. It would be · without considering new issues and stock splits ·

was worth about $ 15,000 last week.

"Microsoft is not a profession, it is a way of life," it was said at the time. Those who had the honor of being part of it also got involved in the unusual: once the salaries were cut, then again there was one

Weekly working time of 80 hours sold as normal.

With the Windows program Microsoft played the long-term competitor Apple on the wall. Allegations of unfair business practices increased. The barrel overflowed when Microsoft launched its

Internet browser integrated into the Windows 98 package. In May 1998 the competition authorities brought a lawsuit against the market leader. Since then, the wind has been blowing for Bill Gates. Even if Gates

the handover of the baton to Ballmer strictly denied that there was a connection to the monopoly allegations - maybe he was guided in his decision by the advice to leave then,

when it is most beautiful.

"I'm returning to what I love most - the focus on future technologies," said Gates, taking on the position of "Chief Software Architect". Maybe he'll come then

also back to programming yourself · as once in 1975 with his fellow student Paul Allen, when it all began in a small garage in California.